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The Om Reiki Centre is one of the few Victorian based Reiki Centres that specializes in Reiki courses and offers ongoing support to all students.

Our courses are all recognized by the ARC, Australia's leading Reiki association - which guarantees the standard of our teaching and means that it has a direct connection to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.

"The course was fantastic! You provide a friendly, comfortable and most of all very informative course."

(Jenny McMillan)

Better still, the course instructor Jeremy O'Carroll has been trained by many world renowned teachers, both in Australia and many countries abroad, meaning that your course certificate will be recognised by almost all Reiki associations - even those outside Australia.

So if you suffer from blocked energy, are still hurting from an unresolved emotional issue, physical injury or illness, then consider contacting. us to learn more.

Our courses have a unique satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not totally happy with the tuition you receive, we will refund your entire course investment.

Our Reiki courses have helped hundreds of people regain their emotional balance, health, energy and zest for life.

They are ideal for anyone who has been looking for a simple, practical and inexpensive way to achieve better results in all areas of life.

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Why Reiki Boosts Energy

Do you ever wonder why you don't have the energy you once did? Do you see children brimming with zip and bounce and simply resign yourself to never feeling the same way again?

Reiki Clouds

If you do, you shouldn't.

The reason you need not worry is that your lack of energy is almost certainly just the result of energetic circuits in your body being run down.

Think of a car going for twenty, thirty, forty and more years without a service. It is unlikely to be running to well. Same thing with the body.

Stress, fear, anger - all sorts of negative emotions - accumulate and, with time, can cause either energy blockages or zones in body that are energetically depleted.

That is why Reiki can help.

Reiki re-balances the energy circuits in the body so that you feel as though you have been 'oiled on the inside'.

After a Reiki session or course, the energy inside you usually just seems to 'flow better'. As a result you get back your zip and bounce.

To find out more about what Reiki is, or to read about several medical studies that highlight its benefits, see Reiki Facts. Or, if you are interested either a healing session or one of our energy tune-ups, just click on the link.

Weekly Article: Do Goals Hurt You?


We all have them.

Sometimes they are conscious. Sometimes they are unconscious. But they are always there: exciting us, motivating us, urging us forwards.

For most people goals are to be embraced. In Western society they are typically adored.

But do they really benefit us?

As popular as goals are today, some people – in particular certain types of Buddhists – actually abhor them.

For such people, goals are a form of desire, and desire leads to suffering (the Buddhist 2nd Noble Truth is sometimes translated as ‘Desire leads to suffering).

This might sound overly pessimistic, but when you look closely into it, desire does very often lead to suffering.

This happens in three main ways:

  1. You desire something. You don’t get it. You suffer.
  2. You desire something. You get it. But it doesn’t make you happy like you thought it would (e.g. the ‘dark handsome stranger’ wasn’t such a gentleman after all).
  3. You desire something. You get it. It makes you happy for a time, but then the thing you got changes (e.g. the ‘dark handsome stranger’ grows old, ugly, and runs off to join the Jehovah’s Witnesses).

What’s shocking about point 3 above is that it is actually the best of the three scenarios – and yet even it can never totally satisfy you (not even when the ‘dark handsome stranger doesn’t run off!). Since everything in life is in constant change, nothing you have ever got, done or experienced can ever – or will ever! - fulfil you long-term.

Yes, it might fulfil you for a long time; but eventually either you or it will transform, things just won’t be the same, and you will be left hungry for something more.

It’s like a great pop song. When you first hear it, you can’t get enough of it. You click ‘repeat’ on your stereo, dance about your room, sing in the shower until bit by bit – sooner or later – the song just doesn’t move you any more. You hear it, you groan – and you hit ‘shuffle’.

The Power of Detachment

The inevitability of your desires and goals losing their lustre might convince you to turn against them like the Buddhists we mentioned, but in actual fact it is not so much desire that leads to suffering, but rather attachment to things, people etc. that does.

(And, to be fair to Buddhists, the 2nd Noble Truth actually reads ‘Desire / attachment leads to suffering).

You see, desires (goals) may not have the power to satisfy us long-term, but they nevertheless still have their positive side.

Desires give us energy. They give us life. They give us vitality.

Desires propel us forward and help us to grow and evolve.

The trick, however, is to stay detached from our desires / goals even as we pursue them.

We must stay ever willing to alter our course should circumstances change. We must be willing to drop one goal and pick up another.

Does Detachment Mean Anything Goes?

If you are truly detached from outcomes, does that mean that anything goes?

Does it mean that you shouldn’t prefer one course of action (goal or situation) over another?

And if you shouldn’t, what would motivate you to ever get up from where you are sitting right now?

If everything you could ever do is of equal value, why bother moving? Surely sitting where you are is just as good as any other option?

This may seem logical enough, but the truth is that when we connect to our True Self, when we connect even only minimally to our Inner Being, we are always inspired towards action (even if, of course, that action is simply to stay seated where we presently are!).

So it natural for us to choose one course of action over another. And since we are all different, we will all choose different things.

That said, even when our goals are guided by our intuition, the ever-changing nature of life will nevertheless sooner or later request that we change them. Our choice when this happens is simply to accept this change gracefully or fight against it.

It’s like going to a restaurant and discovering that the dish you planned to eat isn’t on the menu any longer. You can curse and grumble for the rest of the evening, or you can simply choose an alternative dish and enjoy your night.

And that is precisely what we need to do when either our goals are thwarted or their attraction fades.

We need to let go of our attachment to them and choose new ones.

Learning to Let Go

In practice, letting go can be challenging – particularly if it means letting go of the desire or goal or dream of something we really really want.

The clichéd solution to this problem is to focus less on the destination (goal) and more on the journey.

‘The journey is the reward’, as they say.

When people tell us this, however, it’s usually pretty annoying, so let’s see if we can look the idea in a way that makes it more tolerable.

To begin with, we might note that it is actually more accurate to say that the ‘the journey is all there is’, rather than ‘the journey is the reward’.

The journey is all there is because life is nothing but a series of moments placed one after the next.

As such, we’d better enjoy the journey, because we’re not getting anything else!

Fortunately, the journey IS actually what we enjoy – we just don’t always realize it.

Take, for example, a game of tennis with a friend who you really want to beat.

Before the game, you think that nothing would give you greater satisfaction than to wipe him off the court 6-0 6-0.

Imagine then if a magic genie clicked his fingers and transported you forward in time to just after the final point of your 6-0 6-0 victory?

Would that satisfy you?

Would you be content to get the end result without the experience of the game?

Or take another example.

Imagine you’re a mountaineer and someone offered to teleport you to the top of a mountain without the rigors of climbing it?

You could avoid all the fatigue, all the risk of injury, all the cuts and scrapes and be there on the summit.

Would that make you happy?

Of course not.

What makes life satisfying is almost always the entire process.

We need the ‘struggle’ to enjoy the victory.

If our football team wins every game by ten goals – including the Grand Final – it’s boring.

When they come from 7 goals down in the final quarter to steal a 1-point victory its ecstasy.

Eradicating Suffering

In a way, there is nothing overly revelatory about all of this; but it does take us to the brink of understanding one of the major causes of suffering: assigning different values to each moment of our day.

Our 9-5 job is a ‘pain’, we tell ourselves, but dinner with our lover afterwards is a ‘pleasure’.

Relaxing on the weekend is ‘good’. Doing our tax return is ‘bad’.

Sex is ‘glorious’. Socializing with the in-laws a ‘curse’.

The particulars change from person to person, but we all tend to do play this ‘value judgment’ game.

But – and here is the point – if life is nothing but a series of moments placed one after the next, then you could logically argue that each moment is actually worth the same and, as a result, equally worthy of our attention and love.

Consider it like a video game where each ‘moment’ of your life (however long that is) is one life.

Now imagine that in this game you have ten lives. The natural thing would be for you to value all of these lives the same; but for some reason you have a particular infatuation with the number 7 (let’s say it is your lucky number). In fact, you love the number 7 so much you decide to sacrifice your first six lives in the game just so you can get more quickly to your seventh life.

You do this because you are certain that when you get to the 7th life it will be so great that it will compensate for the loss of the first six lives.

Put like this, the tactic seems pretty stupid; but most people do a similar thing in daily life.

They assign a negative value to large chunks of their day and seek to do little more than jump over these chunks as quickly as possible in order to get to the ‘good stuff’ – to get to their ‘number 7’.

They happily sacrifice much of their life under the misguided belief that one moment is more valuable than the next.

How to Make Use of Goals

From all this it is clear that goals are dangerous because they tempt us to jump over the intervening space between where we are and where we want to be. They tempt us to sacrifice one part of our life for the next.

And yet, as mentioned, goals can be used to fuel everything we do. They can be used to propel us forward into the future. They can add energy and intensity to everything we do. The trick, then, is simply learning how to effectively harness their power.

To get the most from goals, I recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Let your intuition help determine what your goal should be.
  2. Allow the energy of your goal to fully infuse your life.
  3. Value above all else the journey towards your goal.
  4. Stay detached from you goal or destination, remembering that all moments ultimately have the same value, both those we would traditionally see as transitional moments (moments we are using to help get to our destination) and moments where we enjoy the fruits of a goal fully realized. 
  5. Understand that no goal will satisfy you long-term, so be willing and happy to change it the moment it no longer serves you.

Follow these steps and you'll be able to harness the incredible dynamism of goals without sacrificing the beauty of the present.

Good luck.

Note: A fuller account of these ideas can be found in my novel Full Speed, including an exploration a counter-argument that proposes that certain ‘high intensity moments’ may warrant the sacrifice of many others. (As the saying goes: ‘Better to live one day as a lion than a life as a sheep’!)

(Article by Jeremy O'Carroll)

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Melbourne Reiki Practice Nights

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If you have already taken Reiki Level 1 or highter, or are interested in experiencing Reiki first hand, you are welcome to attend our Om Reiki Practice nights.

These nights are always a big success and give you the opportunity to go more deeply into your Reiki practice and be inspired by others.

Om practice evenings give you the opportunity to:

The next Reiki practice night will take place on May 31 (6-45 pm - 8.15pm), at Fitzroy Community School, 597 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North. To book a place, click here.

Cost: $10 for non Om Reiki Students. $15 Non Om Reiki students.

For more information, please contact the Om Reiki Centre.


Reiki calms the mind like a sunset over a sea

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Praise for Jeremy's Reiki Courses:

"Jeremy provided an open and warm atmosphere and the course encompassed a perfect mix of theory vs practical experience. Jeremy's enthusiasm, knowledge and sense of humour made it all the more enjoyable. I loved every second of the course and now I have the 21 day e-course to guide me through my next three weeks. I couldn't ask for more."

(Olivia Zan)

"I would highly recommend this course. Where to start…..  You explained everything very clearly and the manual contains everything we need. You were right, we didn’t need to take any notes, which left us free to listen and to feel what was happening inside us. I’m really impressed by the pre-course because doing it actually did help me to be in a better state to do the weekend. Your website has lots of information in the form of articles and videos that gave me a good sense of your approach before I signed up for the course and which will continue to be a source of knowledge.

    "Your style of delivery is quite casual and full of humour, which creates a great learning environment. But I think you are very serious about giving your students the best possible opportunity to understand what Reiki is and to develop it within ourselves. You see this as a way of helping people, who will then go and help other people. (i.e. teaching Reiki is not just a business transaction for you.) This is very good, Jeremy. I’m happy to have you as my teacher. I will definitely be doing Reiki 2 with you, when the time is right."

(Robin Jones)

Jeremy has a warm inclusive teaching style that had everyone relaxed and comfortable very quickly. The class was well paced and his personal stories helped to illustrate the concepts he was covering. His obvious love for what he does translated into genuine concern that everyone in the class was keeping up to speed. I would definitely recommend Jeremy's Level 1 Course.

Cheryl St Clair

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