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The Om Reiki Centre is one of the few Victorian based Reiki Centres that specializes in Reiki courses Melbourne and offers ongoing support to all students.

Our Melbourne reiki and Daylesford Reiki courses are all recognized by the ARC, Australia's leading Reiki association - which guarantees the standard of our teaching and means that it has a direct connection to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.

"The course was fantastic! You provide a friendly, comfortable and most of all very informative course."

(Jenny McMillan)

Better still, the course instructor Jeremy O'Carroll has been trained by many world renowned teachers, both in Australia and many countries abroad, meaning that your course certificate will be recognised by almost all Reiki associations - even those outside Australia.

So if you suffer from blocked energy, are still hurting from an unresolved emotional issue, physical injury or illness, then consider contacting us to learn more.

Our courses have a unique satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not totally happy with the tuition you receive, we will refund your entire course investment.

Our Melbourne reiki and Daylesford Reiki courses have helped hundreds of people regain their emotional balance, health, energy and zest for life.

They are ideal for anyone who has been looking for a simple, practical and inexpensive way to achieve better results in all areas of life.

Learn more about our Melbourne Reiki courses...

Why Reiki Boosts Energy

Do you ever wonder why you don't have the energy you once did? Do you see children brimming with zip and bounce and simply resign yourself to never feeling the same way again?

Reiki Clouds

If you do, you shouldn't.

The reason you need not worry is that your lack of energy is almost certainly just the result of energetic circuits in your body being run down.

Think of a car going for twenty, thirty, forty and more years without a service. It is unlikely to be running to well. Same thing with the body.

Stress, fear, anger - all sorts of negative emotions - accumulate and, with time, can cause either energy blockages or zones in body that are energetically depleted.

That is why Reiki can help.

Reiki re-balances the energy circuits in the body so that you feel as though you have been 'oiled on the inside'.

After a Reiki session or course, the energy inside you usually just seems to 'flow better'. As a result you get back your zip and bounce.

To find out more about what Reiki is, or to read about several medical studies that highlight its benefits, see Reiki Facts. Or, if you are interested either a healing session or one of our energy tune-ups, just click on the link.

Reiki for Massage and Other Alternative Health Therapies

Reiki is a great tool for improving any current healing system you practice. Our Reiki Melbourne courses are full of massage therapists, yoga, T'ai chi, Shiatsu and many other types of practitioners and instructors.

These practitioners and therapists typically report that they experience greatly enhanced results, ranging from increased energy flow to greater healing benefits and client satisfaction.

Many massage therapists, for instance, say that their clients immediately notice a difference in the quality of their massage - even when they aren't consciously using the Reiki.

Their massage sessions work on a deeper level, helping clients to relax more while soothing any stress and bodily tension.

Learning Reiki also improves massage therapists' intuition, enabling them to more quickly pinpoint areas of the body that need attention.

Better still, once massage therapists learn Reiki, they can then include a short session at the end of their massage treatment. This is almost always a blissful experience, something that greatly improves the effectiveness of a massage session.

To learn more about how our Reiki Melbourne and Daylesford Reiki courses can improve your massage, yoga and other healing work, click here.

Weekly Article: 10 Things Reiki Practitioners Should Have

I am often asked practical questions like where I get my Reiki tables, whether – and how – I use crystals, what music I play and a lot more…

In this article, I answer these questions by listing ten things every enthusiastic Reiki practitioner should have – things that will make your Reiki sessions that much more powerful, even if you never aim to work professionally.

  1. Massage table. Unless you have a massive shortage of space, you should get a Reiki table if you plan on giving more than the very occasional Reiki session. Given how cheap they are nowadays, it is definitely worth it for the comfort it will give both you and whoever it is that is experiencing the beauty of your sessions. In short, if you are comfortable you will give a better session, and if your ‘client’ is comfortable then she will be more receptive.

    Things to consider when buying a table: Does it have a headpiece (that attaches to the end of the table, both for extra tall clients and for when you want a client to lie more comfortably on their front)? How much does the table weigh (important if you are going to be transporting it much)? Does it have side arm rests (that are good for larger bodies)? How many sections does it have,
    2 or 3? 3 sections enable you to raise part of the table that might be useful in some circumstances. Is the table made of wood? (Preferable unless you are doing massage and need a stronger table)
    I have got all of my latest tables online. Checkout for tables at excellent prices (you can get good ones delivered to your door for $150!).
  2. Towels, Cushions and Throws. When you give a Reiki session, you want your client to be both comfortable and relaxed. Cushions create comfort. You’ll typically need at least two on hand: one for the head and one for under the knees. This second cushion will only be required for about 25% of clients, but it is particularly useful for older clients, clients with back issues and client who are carrying a little extra weight. By supporting the knees, you take pressure off the back, making it easier for them to lie still longer.
    To make the massage table a thing of beauty, I cover it first with a colorful throw and then with soft, white towels. I usually get my throws and cushions at Ishka (when they are having a sale!), but you’ll need to get the towels elsewhere – and typically by visiting a store. Principally, you need to make sure that you can get the creases out of the towels by running a hand over them. This generally makes them a little expensive, but it is worth it. I once bought some Egyptian cotton towels online, but then realized that not even an iron could get the creases out!
    Ideally, each ‘client’ should have a fresh set of towels, even if the towels are still ‘clean’. The reason for this is that each client leaves an ‘energetic residue’, so it’s nice for your next client not to be lying in it! (If you can’t afford multiples sets of towels, give the table a ‘Reiki sweep’ at the end of each session and, if you’ve done level 2 Reiki, use the power symbol to clear the energy on the table)
  3. Music. Music helps create a relaxing space to receive Reiki. It is soothing, helps block out extraneous noises and can help keep a client stay focused in the present moment.
    I recommend finding music with not too much ‘going on’. Too many bells and bird noises etc. can be distracting and take you out of a meditative state. My favourite Reiki CD is Moon by Bronwyn Kirkpatrick.  Using the shakuhachi flute, she crease a smooth and graceful music that helps you relax – music that will be suitable to both masculine and feminine types.
  4. Water Filter. You will want to give your clients a glass of water both before and after a Reiki session. Water helps the body balance itself energetically, eliminate toxins and ground a client (important at the end of a session). Since tap water isn’t great, however, you should – at a minimum – invest in a water filter jug.
  5. A Good Heater. I always prefer to keep my room nice and warm so that my client never needs to use a blanket. Since Reiki is typically hands-on, you want to be clear where all body parts are. Blankets can make this more difficult, so a heater is recommended. (An oil heater generally works best, as it is quieter.)
  6. Candles. Flames provide a primordial sense of comfort and security. Think of a caveman sitting around a campfire in the middle of a dark and dangerous forest. The fire is both warming and protective. Candles trigger such unconscious associations and help a client to relax and, as a result, be in a more receptive state.
    Bees wax candles are naturally the best but, if these prove too expensive, simply get unscented candles. Scented candles are a bad choice as some clients will either dislike the scent or have a reaction to it.
  7. Salt Crystal Lamps. Salt crystal lamps provide the dual benefits of crystal and ‘flame’. They create a pleasant light and give off a soothing energy – perfect for creating a relaxing healing space. (I tend to also get these at Ishka when they are having a sale).
  8. Crystals. Crystals complement Reiki beautifully. You don’t need to work with crystals and currently I don’t, but they nevertheless work well. Quartz crystals are the most flexible as you can use them for pretty well anything – and anywhere. Other crystals will typically be used my matching their color with the color of the chakra you wish to work on (a red crystal for the root chakra, an orange crystal for the second chakra etc.). Crystals will generally either be placed directly on the chakras of a client or around the client.
  9. Incense / oils. I don’t typically use incense and oils during a session as clients might have a reaction to them or not like the aroma. This is particularly the case with incense, which can be smoky and irritating. That said, one clever technique is to burn oils / incense before a healing session. This leaves a lingering trace of an aroma – something that can help send clients into a deeper, more relaxed healing space – while being gentle enough not upset anyone (unless they are hypersensitive!).
  10. Business cards / Flyers / Website. This tenth item won’t be needed unless you are working on a more professional basis. If you are, however, then I recommend checking out You can find freelancers there who will cheaply and professionally draw you up original business cards, flyers and the like. You can also find plenty of people who will be willing to build you well-priced websites.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, just contact me (Jeremy) on 1300 853 356 (Mob: 0417 328 457) or 

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Reiki Melbourne Practice Nights

Melbourne reki sunset

If you have already taken Reiki Level 1 or highter, or are interested in experiencing Reiki first hand, you are welcome to attend our Om Reiki Practice nights.

These nights are always a big success and give you the opportunity to go more deeply into your Reiki practice and be inspired by others.

Om practice evenings give you the opportunity to:

The next Reiki practice night will take place on Dec. 5 (6-45 pm - 8.15pm), at Fitzroy Community School, 597 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North. To book a place, click here.

Cost: $10 for non Om Reiki Students. $15 Non Om Reiki students.

For more information, please contact the Om Reiki Centre.


Reiki calms the mind like a sunset over a sea

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Level 2 Courses

Take the next step, learn powerful new skills, and get the qualification needed to work as a Reiki practitioner.

Next course, December 12-13.

Daylesford Courses

Like to learn innovative, accredited Reiki in beautiful surroundings? Immerse yourself in healing energy for the weekend and try our Jan. 9-10 course with free accommodation.

Click here to find out more.

Usui's Burial Site in Tokyo

Melbourne Reiki - Level 1

Learn to connect to energy and heal yourself and others from one of Australia's most respected Reiki centres.

We teach thentic, traditional (Usui) Japanese Reiki and our certificate is recognised by the major Reiki associations around the world.

Find out more about our Melbourne Dec. 5-6 level 1 Reiki course...

Master Level

Want to develop your practice and learn to teach Reiki? Try our unique Daylesford Master level course with free accommodation (March 12-14).

Level 1 & 2 Pellowah Course

Pellowah operates at an extremely high energetic vibration and is the perfect addition to Reiki.

Working on the level of mind and spirit, Pellowah relaxes the body and helps restore optimum health.

Click here to find out more about Melbourne Pellowah Centre's Nov. 28-29

Praise for Jeremy's Reiki Courses:

"Jeremy provided an open and warm atmosphere and the course encompassed a perfect mix of theory vs practical experience. Jeremy's enthusiasm, knowledge and sense of humour made it all the more enjoyable. I loved every second of the course and now I have the 21 day e-course to guide me through my next three weeks. I couldn't ask for more."

(Olivia Zan)

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