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Our Commitment to Reiki:

Om reiki specializes in Reiki. We are totally committed to it and don't offer alternative healing methods.

As a result, we get the most out of our Reiki because our energy isn't spread out in too many areas.

Naturally, other healing methods can do wonderful things. But by specializing we get a concentrated Reiki energy that is hard to achieve when you try to be Jack of too many trades.

The Centre's Founder

Jeremy O'Carroll

The Om Reiki Centre was founded by Jeremy O'Carroll.

Jeremy is a traditional Usui / Shamballa Reiki Master who has received Master Level training from three different Reiki Masters.

He has studied Reiki in India, Thailand, Australia and the United States of America. His teachers include Japanese Reiki expert Frans Stiene and William Lee Rand (founder of the International Center for Reiki Training), arguably the world's most famous Reiki expert.

He is an accredited Reiki Master Teacher with the ARC - Australia's leading Reiki association - and the Australian Association of Reiki Professionals. This guarantees that his Reiki lineage goes back to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.

Jeremy is also the founder of the Om Meditation Centre, the creator of the CBM (Core / Body / Mind) Meditation technique and a level 3 Pellowah practitioner. He is well known for his many articles on Reiki and meditation and is the author of Full Speed.

Before founding the Om Reiki Centre in Daylesford (Victoria), Australia, he spent many years travelling through Europe, South East Asia and the Sub Continent.

In total, he has visited over 25 countries, all of which taught him something in his quest to understand more about human nature.

Jeremy has gained invaluable experience as a teacher, first at the University of Melbourne, where he both tutored and lectured, then around Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand where he trained teachers in the Fitzroy Method of learning English.

Tang Buddha

For the past 16 years his primary focus has been first on meditation and then Reiki, and he has studied both in India, Nepal, Thailand and many other countries. He is now a much praised Reiki teacher with a passion for bringing clarity, logic and intuition to an art that often gets trapped in unsubstantiated theory and dogma.

Reiki is his passion and he is committed to giving the best possible energy work possible.

Over the last few years he has seen Reiki do amazing things and knows it can heal and energize people on many levels.

Louise Senior - Co-director Om Reiki Centre

Louise SeniorWith a deep love of everything spiritual, Louise Senior has over twenty years of meditation experience to go with extensive practice as an energy worker and healer.

Louise is a Reiki Master, Pellowah level 3 practitioner and Tarot reader.

She is an accredited Reiki Master Teacher with the ARC and the Australian Association of Reiki Professionals and is particularly suited to teaching traditional Japanese Reiki, having lived and studied in Japan.

She has a glowing passion for Japanese culture and loves the simplicity and depth of traditional Japanese Reiki.

As a Reiki teacher, Louise seeks to empower her students to have their own, unique energetic healing experience. She believes that healing is far more meaningful when it comes from within, so works to guide students to their Inner Self - a place where their own intuitive wisdom and understanding will grant them the information, inner strength and healing that they need.

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The Centre's Aim

The Om Reiki Centre was created with the aim of restoring natural, vibrant health to everyone.

By clearing and boosting the energetic circuits of the body, we hope to give people a glimpse of their deeper self.

This part of everyone is relaxed, happy and at peace with the world just as it is.

It is a side of each and everyone of us that is not only often forgotten but, even worse still, totally unknown.

The centre aims to reconnect people to this side of themselves - more so even than providing the healing that often results from such a connection.

For any questions or suggestions, please write to Jeremy at:

Baby Om

Baby Om: Spirit behind the Centre.

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