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An Introduction to Mental Energy Loss

We lose a lot of energy when our mind spins out of control.

This happens frequently, whenever we are overtaken by a strong desire or aversion of some sort.

It also happens when we get caught up in the whirl of negative emotions, like anger.

On such occasions, our mind often swirls around and around repeating the same thoughts and images until we become so fixated with whatever it is that is bothering us that it is hard to think about anything else.

This makes it difficult to relax, which often leads to a tightening of our muscles and a feeling of stress throughout the body.

If you have ever felt this, or are currently experiencing such a problem, you'll be pleased to know that there are several simple methods to help 'regain control'.

Below is a list of exercises you can try. The simplest ones are first; the more advanced (and more powerful) ones at the end:

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When our mind starts spinning out of control we often feel pressured, as if we need to solve our problem right away.

Often this causes us to become obsessed to the point where we can't stop thinking about our problem. Our thoughts are like little tug-boats that pull more thoughts behind them - that pull more thoughts behind those as well.

Our general default method for dealing with this 'thought current' is usually to distract ourselves by doing something that engages our full attention. This might be by playing a computer game, watching a film, going out with the girls - whatever.

These activities can be useful since they can help us break the momentum of our thoughts. You hop out of the mental whirlpool and, as a result, don't feel so troubled by it when you next hop back in. In fact, on a good day, you can't even remember why your problem seemed so serious.

The unfortunate thing about distraction, however, is that it generally only works for minor 'complaints'. If your boyfriend has just left you, that tends to be the first thing you think about the moment the film or night out ends. As such, you are thrust straight back into the miserable heart of your problem.

The same thing happens when we try to avoid thinking about a certain problem. We push it into some dark corner of our mind, we repress it, we do our best to forget - but one way or another it is always still with us - even if only on an unconscious level.

Worse still, because we have pushed our problem into the unconscious part of the mind, we actually can't keep any 'tabs' on it. It can run amok in the background, causing all sorts of emotional chaos, and much of the time we won't have any idea why we are feeling so down.

It is for this reason that so many of our problems stem from childhood. In childhood, unable to successfully deal with issues that seem too big for us, we repress them and forget. This helps us in the short term; but in the long term we eventually realize that while we may have forgotten about our past problems, they haven't forgotten about us.

This make us a lot less emotionally stable than we would otherwise be had we not repressed these difficult emotions.

So what, then, is the solution? What do we do when the pain really seems too great for us? The solution is to move in the opposite direction from normal: instead of running from our problem, we need to run towards it!

If we can open up to our problem rather than fleeing from it, we usually find that is ceases to trouble us - much in the same way a ghost can't hurt us if we stop running from it in fear.

In order to open up to our problems we need to fully 'feel' them. Instead of repressing our emotions we need to do our best to experience them to their very core. Meditate on the feeling. Zoom in on it wherever it appears in the body (emotions can generally be felt in a part of the body).

If you can just sit with whatever feelings you have without either judging or running away from them, then you will discover an amazing thing: they are just energy - and not even bad energy at that!

And when you focus on this energy it tends to dissolve like an ice-cube in the sun. It melts into a relaxing pool of crystal clear water.

So next time an issue is bothering you, try moving the other way. Move towards the problem, not away from it. Almost certainly you will find that is the quickest way to overcoming it.

(Jeremy O'Carroll)

(For a deeper exploration of this point, see my article, How to Clear Energetic Blockages with the Five Reiki Precepts)

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On Pain and Energy

Pain tends to attract awareness to it like a pimple.

You look at it in the mirror; you prod it with a finger; you twist your face so you can view it from a different angle; you resist it; you identify with it.

This last statement seems paradoxical given that you are battling your pimple (pain) like a monstrous (external) foe; but in a sense you really do identify with it. So much of your awareness is focused on it that you become it: a big pimple, or, in our case, pain.

The problem with getting obsessed by your pain, your pimples, your troubles, or any other such thing, is that you are distorting the truth. In actual fact, the sore tooth (to take one example) is just a small component of your total being. At every moment you are receiving thousands of different stimuli, and it is at most probably just a few of them.

If you could take a more balanced view your sore tooth you would most likely find that it amounts to something like 3/1000th of your being. Not much to get fussed about.

So what is the solution to the problem?

First, we need to observe our pain but not get obsessed by it. Notice it - just the same as you notice everything else that is happening in your life. Don't get tricked into believing that it is bigger than it really is.

Second, don't resist it. Fighting something only gives it more strength. Just observe it - as the Buddhists would say. Watch it. Smile at it. And keep moving. Don't stand still and gape.

If you can do this, pain - or whatever else it is that is troubling you - will transform into what it really is: energy. And plain old energy is never bad. It is only bad when coming through a filter. The 'It's Bad' filter.

A proven method to help put things in perspective is meditation. Meditation allows your being to expand so you're not trapped any longer in the minute prison of the mind.

In meditation you let your awareness expand and, as you do so, little grievances give way to a greater joy: the Energy that surrounds us.

(Jeremy O'Carroll)

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