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Reiki Ultimate Guide Volume 2

Reiki Ultimate Guide

Steve Murray's books are for people who would prefer to study Reiki alone and would prefer not to take a Reiki course.

This guidebook (number 2 in the trilogy) deals with the chakras and teaches different healing attunements that work with them.

It also discusses energy channels and how to clear them.

It includes over 140 step-by-step photos to make the attunements easy to follow, along with a review of the Reiki symbols and Usui attunements.

$44.95  (Steve Murray)

Reiki Ultimate Guide Volume 3

Reiki Ultimate Guide Volume 3

This final volume in Steve Murray's trilogy deals principally with the aura.

It includes techniques for seeing aura, attunements for healing its various layers - as well as explaining what each layer (for instance, the Astral Layer) does.

The book also teaches many aura attunements for specific problems like addictions, anger, stress & eating disorders.

Like all of Murray's books, it for people who would prefer to do it alone - people who would prefer to teach themselves than pay for a course.

$44.95  (Steve Murray)

Reiki - Way of the Heart

Reiki - Way of the Heart

Although one of Lübeck's earliest books, it still contains all of the honest charm it had when first released.

It is best suited to a Reiki beginner, although anyone with an open mind and heart will gain something from Lübeck's humble wisdom.

The works looks at the path of Reiki, its pitfalls and challenges, as well detailing some less common information like foot & eye initiations.

A highlight of the work is Lübeck's discussion of the Higher Self, the Middle Self and the Inner Child. This alone has the power to help people heal many old hurts and return to feeling of wholeness.

 $29.95  (Walter Lubeck)

Reiki with Gemstones

Reiki with Gemstones

If you wish to integrate the use of gemstones with Reiki, then you will no doubt find this book fascinating.

Some of the topics covered include:

Cleansing and activating gemstones, gemstones' optimal alignment on the energy centres, selecting gemstones and the effects of treatments with gemstones.

The main body of the book, however, consists of Reiki treatments for each of the seven chakras using (seven) specially selected gemstones.

The effect the stones have on each of the chakras is well detailed.

On order   (Klinger-Omenka)

Self-Healing With Reiki

Self-Healing With Reiki

All of Penolope Quest's works are full of practical information - and this one is no exception.

A large work, it will be particularly useful for someone starting off on their Reiki journey.

Hand positions, self-treatments, healing your energy body, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves - these are just some of the areas covered.

As the subtitle of the book explains, this work is about 'wholeness', harmony and balance.

Readers should find Self-healing with Reiki a help on such a journey.

$39.95 (Penolope Quest)

The Ultimate Reiki Guide

The Ultimate Reiki Guide

This book would be better titled 'The Ultimate Reiki Guide to becoming a Reiki practitioner and Teacher'.

It is not so much a book about Reiki techniques (although there are a few); rather it seeks to teach people how they can become - and stay - Reiki professionals.

As such, it is full a practical information on how to run a Reiki business and how to become a better teacher and practitioner.


$39.95    (Lawrence Ellyard)

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