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Magick of Reiki

Magick of Reiki

If you have a hankering for the esoteric; if you would like to learn lots of symbols that are not traditionally taught in Usui Reiki, then this is the book for you.

While it begins with an examination of the traditional Reiki levels and what they entail, the second part ventures into the more exotic lands of crystals, psychic surgery, spirit guides, ancient symbols and the like.

That said, while the book may deal in the esoteric, it is clearly and, dare I say, rationally written. This makes it a lot easier to be open-minded to the techniques it discusses.

The presentation is also excellent, with a nice smooth cover, high quality paper, symbols that are clearly drawn and crisp, clean illustrations throughout the work.

Small details, for sure; but they make the work all the more enjoyable to read.

Contents include: Reiki levels, extended chakra system, new Reiki symbols, Reiki spirit guides, crystals, plant spirit medicine, psychic surgery.

$30.95  (Christopher Penczak)


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