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The problem with most Reiki music is that there is too much going on.

Bells, guitars, drums - one instrument plays with the next to stimulate rather than relax you.

This CD is enjoyed by both men and women (yes, they do often have different tastes) and is perfect for sending a client - or yourself! - into a deep meditative state.


$24.95  (Bronwyn Kirkpatrick)

Non-Violent Communication

Non-Violent Communication

The work of Marshall Rosenberg has made an impact on hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

This 4-CD introduction to Non-violent communication will change the way you interact with people and help you to create harmony even in the most challenging of situations.

While Rosenberg's techniques do take some discipline to use, they are nevertheless easy to understand and put in to practice.

Whether you have thought much about communicating with others or not, these CDs will no doubt have a profound effect on you.

Very highly recommended.

$52.99  (Marshall Rosenberg)

The Power of Mantras

The Power of Mantras

With explanations and recordings of mantras when chanted, this CD equips you with the tools needed to embark on a fascinating journey.

If you have trouble quieting the mind with regular meditation, then perhaps mantras can help.

They are easy to use and can quickly send you in a deep and peaceful state.

Worth experimenting with.

$29.95 (Swami Sivananda Radha)


The Four Agreements Cards

The Four Agreements Cards

This 48-card deck contains all the wisdom of The Four Agreements book in a format that will keep fresh on a day to day basis.

The artwork is original and, as a result, may take a little while to get used to; but it grows on you daily until every image appears full of beauty.

It is not a gift to be given to the cynical; but for anyone else with either a spiritual nature or open mind, it will become a treasured daily companion.

$24.95  (don Miguel Ruiz)

Reiki Techniques Card Deck

Reiki Techniques Card Deck

This unique Reiki card deck can be used intuitively like a Tarot deck to help you discover areas in your life that need to be worked on.

Full of information, it is also a great way to learn essential Reiki techniques. These will improve your practice and enable you to connect more fully to Reiki energy.

If you like Reiki and intuitive card decks (like Tarot), then you will no doubt appreciate this set.

$47.95  (Stiene & Stiene)

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