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One of the challenges of looking for the right level 2 Reiki course is that you don't know what you don't know!

The founder of Om Reiki, Jeremy O'Carroll, learned this the hard way when he first took the course himself.

Having unwittingly studied what he later found out was Western Reiki (what 99% of people teach!, he practised the level 2 techniques daily for many years without realizing they were only part of original Reiki system!

Admittedly, even only part of the original Reiki system was still good, but things really shifted for him many years later when he came into contact with Traditional Japanese Reiki.

By then he had already studied his Reiki Master Level but, even so, the moment he learned the original system of Reiki (taught by its founder, Mikao Usui) his practice took on new depth. So much so that it was a kind of Reiki epiphany!

Om Reiki teacher, Jeremy O'Carroll

Course Creator & Instructor
Jeremy O'Carroll

You see, for several years before this, Jeremy had the feeling that his Reiki, while enjoyable, had plateaued. As soon as he encountered Japanese Reiki, however, it gained new life – life that has continued to shine brightly ever since.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it wasn't long after this 'revelation' that he decided to teach Reiki – something he has done for the past 12+ years.

Now, thousands of students (and over 300 Reiki Master Level students) later, he is regarded by many as one of the most influential Reiki teachers in the country.

He has studied Reiki from many of the world's best Reiki teachers in India, Thailand, Hawaii, mainland USA and Australia, has visited Japan several times - and is the author of over 100 Reiki articles and the Amazon best-selling Reiki book: 'The Perfect Reiki Course – Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Class'..

He has also written two novels: Full Speed and (the soon to be released) Call of the Silver Cockatoo – novels about finding your true self amid the pressures and expectations of everyday life.

Fiona NeasonSapphire Neason, Om Reiki Sydney's head trainer, is a vastly experienced healer with a gift for drawing out the natural talent of her students, while always bringing a sense of fun and laughter to her classes. She has worked closely with Jeremy for years, is an expert in the traditional Japanese Reiki system, and has a passion for Reiki that uplifts everyone she works with.

In recognition of his work, the Om Reiki Centre has recently been awarded 'Best Reiki Practice 2019 - Victoria and NSW' in the GHP Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards.

Next Sydney Level 2 Reiki Course

Level 2, TBA
Instructor: Sapphire Neason (9am - 7:30pm)
(Investment: $460)
Melbourne Reiki Course Level 2 July 13-14
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Note: If you are eager to learn Reiki 2 right away, consider making a trip down to Melbourne. Jeremy is conducting his next course on March 26-27 in Fitzroy North.

Why Learn Reiki in One Day?

A lot of Reiki courses will never work because they are too short. 3 hours. 4 hours. 6 hours. That just isn’t enough time to learn all of the essentials.

But there is also something powerful about putting all of your energy into one big burst. Typically, it is easier to focus. Logistically it is generally easier. And what’s more, if all of your learning takes place in a single day, you can build up some incredible momentum.

Our single-day courses are designed to get the best of all worlds. With 10.5 hours of learning, you get the full course, just in one energy-charged day.

The result is incredible momentum and powerful shifts.

What’s more, while you will naturally cycle through different energy levels as you learn new skills (and your body processes the resultant influx of healing energy), you’ll be surprised at how good you can feel even at the very end of the day.

In fact, by the end of the course, you will generally be buzzing and excited to ‘let rip’ with your new healing skills.

Reiki generates energy. It fills you up with life-giving chi. So normal rules don’t apply. Yes, if you were at your desk job from 9 am – 7.30 pm, you’d probably feel whipped afterwards. But with Reiki, you are rebuilding your body energetically. So while you’ll most likely want some good rest after the course, during it, we will go from one energy-enhancing exercise to the next.

Having trained thousands of students (and over 300 Reiki Masters) over the past 15 years, we know what works. So come and see what happens when you give your body the time to build energy over one power-charged day. Enjoy shifts that simply don’t happen when the momentum is interrupted.

Why Take A Level 2 Om Reiki Course?

"Jeremy has a great teaching style, is friendly, approachable, humourous, and obviously knows his stuff. Course content is varied and practical. A wonderful way to step forward into the next phase of my Reiki experience."
          (Alicia Brown)

Our Reiki 2 course is one of the most comprehensive in Australia.

It not only offers more support materials than any other course, it also teaches the best techniques from both Western and traditional Japanese Reiki.

As such, the course is practical, powerful and guaranteed to radically transform your Reiki – if you are willing to put in the practice.

Reiki 2 with a Purpose

Unlike other courses, all techniques taught in our Reiki 2 are part of an overall system that builds bit-by-bit towards Reiki mastery. The Reiki skills studied all complement each other, so taking this course will give you a very real feeling of progression.

"By far exceeded my expectations. In two days alone I've felt I've learned so much more about myself, and I've now got the tools to learn so much more. Can't wait to put it all into practice and reap the rewards!"
   (Elizabeth Sweeney)

You will understand what you need to practice, in what order you need to practice, and what results you can expect if you practice correctly.

Having studied several different Reiki lineages to Master level, Jeremy O'Carroll is in the ideal position to know not only why traditional Level 2 courses fail to radically improve most student's Reiki, but also what information and structure are needed to get optimum results.

Level 2 Reiki Course Contents

Our Reiki course covers all of the level 2 basics. At its conclusion you will:

Melbourne Reiki Jetstream

Special Content (not generally covered in other courses):

Lady meditating and doing Reiki by a lake

These three mantras (they are quite different from the ones usually given) are so powerful they will boost your Reiki to amazing new levels.

Indeed, just the first mantra alone usually transforms a student's energy flow in less than two weeks (of solid practice).

This technique will enable you to experience distance Reiki in a new way as well as enabling you to go more deeply into your regular Reiki practice.

These positions show you how to go beyond parallel hand positions (of the kind where your hands are placed side by side) to create unique energetic connections that increase the effectiveness of your treatments.

Energy healers on Mountaintop

Om Reiki Pre and Post-Course Program

Just like with Reiki level 1, Om Reiki Centre has a detailed pre and post-course program to make sure you get the maximum from your level 2 course.

Sunset in Norway

Unlike most Reiki courses which are little more than the two days they run over, we make sure that you are energetically ready for the course, so you can hit the ground running and successfully tackle the more advanced techniques you learn.

Sometimes even just a little structured pre-course work is all it takes to fast-track your learning, and through pre-course videos, articles and emails, we make sure you know what to do to prepare thoroughly – even if you didn't study level 1 Reiki with us.

The pre-course work is simple to do, and focuses on two important meditations (with video instructions and downloadable audio files, so you always know what you are doing).

The meditations can be done easily by anyone – even students who haven't practised meditation before – and they will help strengthen your energy channels (meridians) and chakras, readying you for the more traditional Japanese Reiki techniques you will learn at the course.

The post-course 21-day program is done principally via email, and involves us sending you daily emails with techniques to practice, and further information to deepen everything you have learned.

With thousands of students going through Om Reiki and ten years of experience, we know the likely challenges you will face post-course, and this 21-day program is designed to not just help you overcome these, but also develop real confidence in everything you have learned.

Reiki Crystal Healing and Meditations

Crystals That Matter E-BookWhile not part of the traditional Japanese Reiki system, crystals can nevertheless be used to complement (and strengthen) Reiki healing.

During our Level 2 Reiki courses, we will show you how you can incorporate crystals into Reiki healing.

We will also give you a copy of our e-book 'Crystals That Matter', which will give you and understanding of the key features of many of the most common stones.

At our course, we have a large selection of crystals which you can use throughout the weekend, and we will let you know which crystals will be most useful to you based on your energetic strengths and weaknesses.

Om Reiki Video PortalOm Reiki Portal

While Reiki can't be taught properly online, there is no doubt that once you have attended a course, online video support that consolidates and extends everything you learned over the weekend can be of massive benefit.

To this end, we have created a detailed Level 2 video portal which you can access on both your desktop and mobile devices.

The video portal includes instructional videos on pre-course work, post-course work, as well as all typical challenges students are likely to encounter.

The portal also includes bonus Reiki articles, mind maps, and downloadable meditations (so you can go over the meditations we did in the course).

To get an idea of how our video portals work, you can sign up for our free introductory portal 'Everything You Need to Know About Reiki'.

It has videos on all of the commonly asked Reiki questions, and will show you the quality of our video portal platforms.

Reiki Video Portal ImageTo sign up, click here.

(Note: None of the videos shown in the Level 2 portal are found in this introductory portal).

Post-Course Phone and Email Support

Although we have the most detailed support materials for any Reiki course that we know of, sometimes you still have a unique question/situation that isn't covered in any of our teaching materials. If this is the case, then we're happy to answer your questions – no matter how silly or weird you think they might be!– via email or phone.

Simply call us on 1300 853 356, or write to us at

Reiki Practice Nights

We have been holding regular monthly practice nights in Melbourne for almost ten years now and now starting up in Sydney. These 'Reiki shares' are the perfect place for you to continue with your Reiki practice, learn new meditation and Reiki healing techniques, ask questions and make friends with like-minded people.

Our group now has 1340 members and a 5-star rating – something which most likely makes it Australia's largest and most trusted Reiki circle of its kind.

Reiki Course Manual

Om Reiki Course Manual

Sad to say, but in most of the Reiki courses Jeremy O'Carroll attended, the manuals he received were little better than a collection of plagiarized photocopies!

Taken from a multitude of sources, these materials hardly fit together, making them of scant value.

To ensure the Om Reiki Centre didn't fall into this trap, he has created a high quality, 60+-page original manual that covers all of the level 2 course information in a logical, coherent, and step-by-step manner.

As a result, you will never be left struggling to recall any of the key concepts that we teach. It is all there in precise detail.

The manual is the fruit of many years' experience and research and will prove a great reference tool for any personal or professional Reiki work that you go on to do.


Australian Reiki Connection

All courses at the Om Reiki Centre are recognised by the ARC - Australia's leading Reiki association - and the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals.

Our certificates will also be recognised by all traditional Reiki associations around the world.

This is important to anyone who is considering becoming a Reiki practitioner or using Reiki as part of an already established healing modality.

Level 2 for Non-Om Reiki Students

Spiritual healers red fruit

Our level 2 Reiki course is open to anyone who has studied level 1 Reiki - either with us or with any other Reiki teacher.

If you have not studied with us previously, we will grant you access to our detail level 1 video portal to help you prepare. This portal has information on the techniques and meditations we taught in level 1, including downloadable guided meditations.

We will also send you pre-course information that will guide your preparation to ensure you get the most out of our course.

Over the years, we have had hundreds of students who didn't previously study with us take our level 2 course, and they all fitted in beautifully.

If you wish to find out more, however, simply call us on 1300 853 356 or 0417 328 457.

Sydney Reiki Venue - Bondi Beach:

All Sydney Reiki courses are conducted at Yogatime in Bondi. Close to the beach, this beautiful studio includes a lovely Zen garden to meditate in, sip a tea and relax.

With public transport to the venue and the water nearby, It the perfect place to enjoy your Reiki class.

What Students Say About Om Reiki Courses

Click on the link and see what participants said of our recent Reiki courses.

Sydney Level Reiki 2

Venue: Bondi

9:00am - 7:30pm
Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Level 2 course comes with a 100% no-strings-attached satisfaction guarantee.

In fact, we are so confident you will be delighted by what you learn that If you come along to one of our courses, see it through to the end, and don't believe you learned great skills that will have a positive impact on your life, simply tell us in person at the end of the final day and we will refund your entire course fee.

To enrol, simply click on the 'Add to Cart' button below.

(*Click here for cancellation / change of date policy)

Date: TBA

Melbourne Reiki Course Level 2 July 13-14
2 Monthly Instalments
(2 X $230)
Melbourne Reiki Course Level 2 July 13-14
Monthly Instalment Plan
(3 X $140 = $460)
Melbourne Reiki Course Level 2 July 13-14

Our Level 2 Reiki course has a full-refund satisfaction guarantee .

2022 Level 2 Reiki Courses - Sydney

August 20.

Reiki Courses Refund Policy

Although we offer a full-refund satisfaction guarantee for those who attend our Level 1 course, we do not offer a refund if you change your mind about our course without attending it. If you give us two weeks' notice, however, we will be happy to alter the date of your course.

If you wish to change dates between 13-3 days before the course, you will be charged a $100 change-of-date fee.

We cannot change the date of the course if we are given 2 or less days.

So if you decide to enrol, commit to coming, be there rain, hail or shine. There is great power in that, and it will ensure you have an amazing experience.

Remember: after enrolling, doubts sometimes come up. This is normal. Your ego - your small self - is not just afraid of change, it knows that Reiki will create change! It knows how powerful it is. So if your ego resists, laugh at it and trust the intuition, the inner guidance or inspiration that had you enrol in the first place. It will never fail you.

Why You Should Do Reiki Level 2

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Level 1 | level 2 | Master Lev.

Tel: 0417 328 457

Master Level

Want to develop your practice and learn to teach Reiki? Try our unique Melbourne Master level course (Nov. 3-5).

2022 Level 2 Courses
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Why Take a Reiki Course?

Reiki courses are a great to improve your health, heal hurts from the past, and connect you to your true Self.

After taking a Reiki course, many people:

Energy Healing Waterfall

Level 2 is a deeply transformative experience.

For students willing to do the work, it offers a set of practices that journey deeply into the heart of both healing and meditation.

The depth and power of the techniques taught are sure to suprise you.

Master Your Chakras

Learn to connect to your body's key energy centres.

Delight in greater energy and enhanced wellbeing.

Learn more about our Sept. 4 course by clicking here.

Unsure about a Course?

If you are unsure whether our Reiki course is right for you, why not give us a call?

We'd love to discuss our courses in more detail and help you decide whether now is the right time to take one.

For more information, check out our contact details.

"I had a great time, met amazing people and feel privileged to have been able to learn from someone who has a deep and broad experience of the various forms of Reiki. I am feeling energised and keen to continue.

The course is extensive, well-presented and in a comfortable atmosphere. I don’t know of any other Reiki masters who have had as much personal experience as Jeremy."
                               (Vicki Klein)

Course Guarantee

If you don't feel you got a lot out our Reiki course, simply do two things:

  1. Tell us on the course's final day of your doubts;
  2. Finish the accompanying e-programme.

If you still don't think the course was worth the investment, we will happily refund your entire course fee.

Contact Us

9:00am - 6:30pm, 7 days

Tel: 1300 853 356
Mob: 0417 328 457

Write to:

Sessions by appointment only.

"Having had no follow-up after Reiki 1, this course showed techniques + applications which will totally enhance my Reiki practice. A good mixture of practical & theoretical. Good to participate in course with others, to share experiences & be inspired by Jeremy."
                      (Shelley Campbell-Best)

"The tools (mantras + symbols) help keep the mind focussed whilst giving Reiki as well as intensify the meaning of your practice. The knowledge Jeremy shares is so interesting and valuable for all, irrespective of the level of Reiki they want to practice."
                       (Kim Toogood)

"Very enjoyable and relaxed. Very informative and the follow-up is important to have for reassurance. Very satisfied."
                       (Chris Arnold)

"The tools and the information were very comprehensive and taught in a wonderful and practical way. I am already more confident and energized. Thank you Jeremy. Your teaching is very energizing and very enthusiastic and gives your students confidence and understanding."
                      (Marlene Paradowski)

For more course comments, click here.

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