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The Ultimate Reiki Guide

The Ultimate Reiki Guide

This book would be better titled 'The Ultimate Reiki Guide to becoming a Reiki practitioner and Teacher'.

It is not so much a book about Reiki techniques (although there are a few); rather it seeks to teach people how they can become - and stay - Reiki professionals.

As such, it is full a practical information on how to run a Reiki business and how to become a better teacher and practitioner.

Topics covered include:

  • How to give a Reiki treatment (e.g. interviewing the client and building rapport);
  • Reiki techniques (e.g. Reiki and chakra healing, byosen Reikan ho, Gyoshi ho etc.);
  • Creating a Reiki practice (e.g. where to work, mobile therapy and other tools of the trade);
  • Reiki and money (e.g. creating value, re-defining our view of money)
  • Turning an enquiry into a booking (e.g. FAQ's, seven reasons to book with you)
  • Promotional materials (e.g. graphic design, business cards, testimonials etc.)
  • Advertising (e.g. common pitfalls, advertising myths, how to write copy)
  • Becoming a teacher (e.g. the teacher's path, Reiki classes, manuals and certificates)

Many more topics are covered in 'The Ultimate Reiki Guide for Practitioners and Masters'. So if you wish to start up your own Reiki business or already run your own but would like better results, then this book is bound to help.

$39.95    (Lawrence Ellyard)

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