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Remote Reiki Healing for all Location!

If you're interested in either an Energy Tune-up or distant healing but can't make it to our Melbourne healing center (in Australia) then you might consider a reiki distant healing session.

If that sounds rather fanciful to you, you might consider three things:

  • 1. Regular Reiki energy is, itself, rather amazing, so why couldn't distant Reiki work as well?.
  • 2. Double blind tests done on prayer (of the kind where neither the researchers nor the subjects involved know who is being prayed for) prove that it helps. Significantly. This shows that distance need be no barrier for the mind - and healing.
  • 3. Om Reiki Centre offers a full refund money back guarantee if you feel that your distant healing Reiki session wasn't worth what you paid (just tell us within 24-hours of the session).

So even if you can't be certain whether distant healing actually works before trying it, with the Om Reiki Centre guarantee there is absolutely no risk.

How a Distant Reiki Session Works

A Distant Reiki Session works just like a healing session or an energy tune-up.

To begin with you will be asked to send a photo of yourself via email (or direct us to a link with one on it). If this is not possible that is fine too, it just makes our life easier.

we will then set a time for the session where you will be asked to lie or sit in a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed. This is important, for the session needs to be conducted as seriously as it would were you at the Om Reiki Centre itself.

Next you will be asked to try to clear your mind so that you can be in a receptive state. If you wish to burn some incense or oil, that will often help.

Once the session starts and you start to feel currents of energy (they may come and go), just try to open up and stay with them.

The main thing is to approach this healing session as you would one in the flesh. If you travelled to the Om Reiki Centre and paid us your money, you are unlikely to let your mind wander totally off out of control.

So if you decide to have a distant reiki session, set your intent to be open, receptive and focused on the healing you are receiving. That way you give yourself the best chance of receiving great results.

Communication by Phone / Zoom

Just like the normal healing sessions and Energy Tune-ups, we like to speak to you over the phone both before and after a healing session. These are just brief chats, lasting about ten minutes each.

To learn more about what we will be discussing, see either healing sessions or Energy Tune-ups.

A Note on Commitment

Since the Om Reiki Centre is taking on all of the risk with our full refund money back guarantee, we do ask a small favour: we ask that you only contact us for a healing session if you are fully prepared to approach it with the same serious intent you would a normal healing session.

That way you give yourself the best chance of receiving a great reiki session.

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