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Our practice group is perhaps the largest in Australia (we have over 1700 members in our Reiki Meetup group), and we have been meeting, healing and developing our Reiki healing skills for over ten years.

Our group is a place you can go to relax, be yourself, meet like-minded Reiki healers and learn innovative new Reiki techniques.

It is also a place you can got to discuss any issues or questions you have about your Reiki practice.

The Om Reiki Practice Group was founded by Reiki Master Jeremy O'Carroll, who still conducts most sessions today. He has studied under many Reiki Masters around the world, has personally trained over 200 Reiki Masters (and thousands of Reiki students) and is author of the Amazon best-selling book 'The Perfect Reiki Course – Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Class'.

Next Reiki Practice Night October 21st
in Fitzroy North

Namaste Healer,

This practice night we are going to focus on the third eye.

The third eye is your gateway to deeper spiritual awareness and enhanced intuition.

It’s an inner compass that helps provide clarity and heightened awareness. It is also great for:

  • Enhanced Intuition: Working on the third eye sharpens your intuitive abilities, helping meditation and Reiki practitioners sense and navigate energies better.
  • Improved Focus & Concentration: It aids in achieving a deeper state of meditation by enhancing focus and concentration.
  • Spiritual Insight: Practitioners gain insight into their spiritual path and life purpose, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with the universe.
  • Energy Reading: For Reiki practitioners, it’s crucial in reading and interpreting the energy fields of others, facilitating more effective healing sessions.
  • Visualizing/Feeling Energy Flow: It can help practitioners to visualize (or feel) and direct energy flow during meditation or Reiki sessions.
  • Inner Peace & Balance: Cultivating the third eye brings inner peace and balance by calming the mind and opening you up to higher aspects of your being.

And that is just the start of things!

So come and join us. As usual, we will do meditations, self-Reiki and group healing to go deeper into our practice, and it will be a powerful night.

Hope to see you there :),


Note: To help avoid people missing out, please only put your name down if you are sure to come.

A Little Something More?

If you have already learned Reiki and want to discover more techniques to go deeper into your healing, take a look at the other two healing modalities I teach, the multi-frequency Chi Activation and the ultra-high-vibrational Pellowah Healing Technique.

Chi Activation

Chi Activation teaches you to tap into a vast array of healing frequencies to increase the range of issues you can heal. It is the most advanced form of healing that I teach, and you can find out about my next Fitzroy North course on Oct. 7-8 by visiting the Chi Activation Level 1 homepage.

Pellowah Healing

Pellowah works exclusively on the auric field, is excellent for chronic conditions, and is all about connecting to your intuition.

In fact, it has no set positions whatsoever.

Rather, you flow through the aura as you heal, making it the perfect intuitive dance.

Many of my Reiki students have learned Pellowah, and almost all of them say that it not only expands the range of things they can heal, but also improves their Reiki!

To learn more, visit the Pellowah website. (Next course, Nov. 11-12)

You can sign up for the class via the Meetup Website.

For more information on learning Reiki, visit our Reiki course homepage.

To find out about our Reiki healing sessions, visit our Reiki healing homepage.

Tree Energy spiritual healing
Fern to decorate Reiki Class Studio
Bamboo - a typical symbol of healing meditation
Cherry Blossom for Healing Festival
Birds in trees provide healing music

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