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Mastering Your Chakras and Mind – TBA Daylesford Meditation Course

Held over two days, my new meditation course will take you on a journey deep into the heart of your chakras.

By using a potent mix of advanced meditations and tools (chimes, mantra, etc.), we will clear chakra blocks, get our chakras working harmoniously together, and connect to their vibrant power.

Chakras are the metaphorical lifeblood of our body. They are our key energy centres, and their happy functioning is essential for our emotional and physical wellbeing.

During the course, you will learn more about how each chakra works and they can do for you.

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Daylesford Meditation Course

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Mastering Your Chakras and Mind Meditation Course

Daylesford (Denver)


(Instructor: Jeremy O'Carroll)

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Investment : $430 ( or 3 x monthly $143.34)

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Understanding the 7 Chakras

The chakras are the body’s main energy centres, their name deriving from a Sanskrit term meaning ‘wheel’. I like to see them as our body’s ‘power stations’. Day and night they fuel us with chi energy – energy that is pumped through our meridians (energy channels) into our physical and energy bodies. 

The chakras draw in healing energy from outside the body and release any energy the body does not need. So they are constantly recharging and cleansing us. Not surprisingly, therefore, their good health is critical to our physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Each chakra is attuned to a different energy frequency, and each frequency feeds our body a special kind of energy. For the proper functioning of our mind, emotions and body, we need multiple forms of 'chi', so if our chakras have a reduced ability to draw in energy, our wellbeing will suffer.

Unfortunately, most people don't understand the importance of 'chi'. They breathe in air. They drink water. They eat food. But they forget that their bodies need another less physical form of nourishment: the energy the chakras draw in.

There are many different chakra systems, but most standard ones recognise seven main chakras inside the body. Learning to give Reiki to – or meditating on – these chakras is a powerful way to not only charge yourself with incredible amounts of energy, but also to take yourself deep into your inner being (or ‘Higher Self)’. 

Why You Need Healthy Chakras

The Base Chakra

The base ckakra governs physical health and wellbeing. When in good shape, you'll feel grounded, secure and energized. You'll also have a great energetic foundation for material success.

If you are easily affected by the energy of others, if your health isn't as vibrant as you'd like, if you are carrying extra weight, or if you simply want to feel more secure and stable within yourself, then it's critical that you get to work on your base chakra.

The Second (Navel) Chakra

If you want to bring out the creative side of yourself, if you want to feel emotionally balanced, then a healthy 2nd chakra is necessary.

The 2nd chakra area is typically where a lot of emotional issues are stored, so to feel happy and 'buoyant', we need to make sure it is clear and vibrant.

Interestingly, the 2nd chakra is also home to our second 'intuition', and when it is in good shape, it will help give us a clear 'gut' feeling about things. This is essential if we wish to be guided by our Higher Self.

The Third (Solar Plexus) Chakra

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The third chakra is the home of your will power and sense of self. If you want the energy to get things done, if you want to delight in the thrill of action, then the 3rd chakra is the one for you.

Like all chakras, balance is critical for this one, so if you either feel that you can't slow down (workaholic!), or can't get motivated (sloth!), then you need to work on your 3rd chakra.

On a health level, it governs digestive issues, and it is often connected to anger/irritation-related issues.

So if you want to bring out your dynamic best, if you want to be enthused by what you do, if you want to have the energy to work hard when you need to work hard, and relax when you want to relax, then building a bright and balanced third chakra is essential.

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The Fourth (Heart) Chakra

We all know what it feels like when our heart chakra is contracted or blocked. We don't want to be around people. We don't want anyone to bother us – and everything we experience takes on a negative hue.

Conversely, when our heart chakra is happy, we are happy. We are filled with love. We take pleasure not just in the company of others, but also in the world around us: the sunshine, the scent of grass, the way the breeze tosses our hair. With the energy in the heart chakra flowing, every little thing is a source of joy.

If we are healers, a healthy heart chakra also enables us to connect more fully to our clients, and as a result, create a deeper rapport with them. This leads to a greater ability to shift and clear their issues, and the satisfaction of knowing we have opened up and given everything we can to our clients.

The Fifth (Throat) Chakra

A lot of our problems in life come from a lack of good communication. We fail to understand our partner. We miscommunicate with friends and colleagues. We struggle to express ourselves and communicate our 'message'.

These are all symptoms of a throat chakra that isn't functioning well.

What's more, when our throat chakra isn't healthy, we will also fail to communicate properly with the other aspects of our being (like our Higher Self). So if you feel a disconnect with parts of yourself, then working on the throat chakra will be immensely valuable.

The 6th (3rd Eye) Chakra

Intuition. Psychic ability. A 6th sense. All of these things are the domain of the 6th chakra.

The term 3rd Eye is nicely descriptive, for it connotes another part of our being that can access the non-physical realms.

For some, this is simply the feeling that a friend is about to call seconds before that friend calls.

For others, this might be premonitions, visions and psychic 'knowings'.

No matter how active your 3rd Eye currently is, with practice you can open up your 6th sense and be guided more and more by the deeper wisdom of your Higher Self.

Interestingly, the 3rd Eye also governs 'rational thought'. So if you want to think more clearly, it is also the place to work on.

The 7th (Crown) Chakra

The crown chakra is our 'gateway' to Source. It connects us to higher realms and is the main pathway through which healing energy (like Reiki) flow.

If you want to connect more to 'spirit', if you want to feel a greater 'oneness' with the world around you, then strengthening and healing your crown chakra is critical.

Unsurprisingly, if you want to access extremely high vibrational frequencies, a healthy crown chakra is critical.

The Power of a Group

Humans are social animals. We have evolved in groups, something that has not only helped us to stay physically safe, but also taught us to connect 'energetically'.

Unsurprisingly, we are not only adept at tuning in to the emotions of those around us, we are also typically affected by them.

If a friend or family member is in a good mood, this raises our spirits. If they are down, our energy is all too often lowered. Unless we know how to keep our energy strong and stable (something working on the 'lower chakras' will help us do), this can be a big problem. But our energetic 'connectivity' can also be hugely advantageous, particularly when healers come together.

When they join forces, they can often create energetic shifts that would be next to impossible alone. Hence the advantage of working together in groups. Not only is our meditation deeper and stronger, our combined Reiki energy helps us clear blocks and strengthen energy centres with remarkable speed and ease.

Throughout the Mastering Your Chakras Reiki and Meditation Course, we will do group healing – something that will help us to open up, heal and strengthen our chakras. It will also help us to have a far greater awareness of them, so that they become something we experience first-hand, rather than something we simply read about in books.

As a result, in a course we can achieve in a weekend what might potentially take months or years by ourselves.

Bamboo - a typical symbol of healing meditation
Cherry Blossom
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Crystals and Chakras

Throughout the course, we will also harness the power of crystals to help strengthen and clear our chakras. We will use them both for our group Reiki healing, and during our meditations.

Combined with our group healing, crystals will provide us with another powerful tool to connect to our chakras and understand their power.

In my regular courses, we don't have time to work with crystals during Reiki healing sessions, so the Mastering Your Chakras course will be a great chance for us to learn to use them together with Reiki.

Chakras and Chimes

Sound is energy. It has the power to transform our energy field. It has the power to heal our chakras.

In our course, we use specifically tuned chimes to brighten all of our seven chakras. We also use them as a kind of 'tuning fork' to help us connect more deeply to them.

For many people, it is the chimes that help them get a taste of the true depth of their chakras.

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Meditation Portal

This course comes with one of our most extensive video portal that includes many meditation for every chakra. So whichever chakra you wish to work on after the course, it will be as easy as clicking in to the portal and choosing your favourite meditation.

Meditation Manual

This course comes with the most beautiful (color) manual I have ever produced. Combined with the detailed video portal, you'll have all of the information and materials you need to go deeper and deeper into everything your learn at the course.

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21-Day Post-Course

The Mastering Your Chakras has the most comprehensive e-course Jeremy O'Carroll has ever created. Working in conjunction with the Mastering Your Chakras video portals, it will help you consolidate and extend everything you learn at the course.

As a result, it will help you to connect deeply to your chakras and bring meditation energy into your entire day.

Going through it will ensure that you practise what you learned, that what you learn on the weekend of the course flows harmoniously into your everyday life.

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The Venue

Boomerang Holiday Ranch, Daylesford

Forest 2


If you need accommodation for the course, please download our accommodation flyer. It will give you several good options to make your weekend away a delight!

Meditation Course Instructor

Jeremy O'Carroll has been practising meditation daily for the past 25+ years. He is the founder of the Om Reiki Centre, the Om Meditation Centre and the Melbourne Pellowah Centre, and has been teaching meditation and healing full-time for the past 15+ years.

Reiki Master Jeremy O'Carroll

He has studied meditation in India, Thailand, Nepal and Australia and, through personal experience, practice and introspection, developed many techniques that help students gain deep insight into their true nature.

He has studied with many respected Reiki Masters around the world, including Frans Stiene, William Lee Rand and Indian Reiki 'Grand Master' Usha Sharma.

He is the creator of two meditation courses (CBM Meditation and Foundations in Meditation) along with the Thinking Meditation Technique, and is the author of the Amazon best-selling book 'The Perfect Reiki Course – Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Course' and 'Full Speed', an inspirational novel about living an authentic life.

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Mastering Your Chakras and Mind Meditation Course (TBA)

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My meditation courses come with a 100% no-strings-attached satisfaction guarantee.

In fact, I'm so confident you will be delighted by what you learn that If you do the pre-course to prepare yourself (you’ll find it in the bonus video portal + emails we send to you), come along to the course/retreat, see it through to the end (you have to attend both days), and for some remarkable reason aren't happy with what you learned, simply tell us at the conclusion of the final day, hand in your course materials (manual and certificate) and I'll happily refund your entire course fee! (Note, you can't ask for a refund further down the track).

To enrol, simply click on the 'Add to Cart' button below.

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Date: TBA

Venue: Denver ( Daylesford)

Schedule: 10 am - 5.30 pm both days

Monthly Instalment Plan

Investment: $430

Date: TBA

Venue: Denver ( Daylesford)

Schedule: 10 am - 5.30 pm both days

Monthly Instalment Plan

Investment: (2 X $215)

Date: TBA

Venue: Denver ( Daylesford)

Schedule: 10 am - 5.30 pm both days

Monthly Instalment Plan

Investment: (3 X $143.34)

Note: Please contact us if you would prefer to pay by electronic transfer rather than with credit card or if you wish to attend our course but have difficulty making the investment.

Reiki and Meditation Course Refund Policy

Although we offer a full-refund satisfaction guarantee for those who attend our meditation course, we do not offer a refund if you change your mind about our course without attending it. If you give us two weeks' notice, however, we will be happy to give you credit for another course or retreat (although retreats are not held frequently).

If you wish to change dates between 13-3 days before the course, you will be charged a $100 change-of-date fee.

We cannot change the date of the retreat (or give you course credit) if we are given 2 or less days.

These measures are necessary due to the size of our events. Since numbers are limited, holding one place often entails someone else missing out.

Bamboo - a typical symbol of healing meditation
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