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Energy tune-ups are for people who want more energy, but don't necessarily have any obvious health issues.

They are for people who would like to feel healthier and 'cleaner' on the inside.

If you imagine an energy tune-up as something like taking the car in for a service, then you will have a good idea what it does for your body.

Our reiki energy tune-ups can:

A Typical Energy Tune-Up

Reiki calm

Energy Tune-Ups last between 70-80 minutes. Sessions begins with a brief explanation of what will occur, during which time clients can ask questions and discuss any issues on their mind.

The energy tune-up proper takes approximately one hour. As a rule, we will begin at the head and move down to the feet - recharging all key areas of the body (the energy centres and major body organs).

In our experience, moving from head to toe works best, since starting with the head helps calm the mind and, as a result, relax the body. This makes one more receptive to energy work and healing.

While we follow a general sequence of hand positions, we also work intuitively. This means that no two sessions are ever the same, because no two people (or moments in time) are the same.

Bruno et Chat

We move where energy is needed and spend more time on areas that need it. Often we will move to non-traditional positions to fix energy blockages or energy depleted areas.

This inuutive method is in keeping with the founder of the Reiki system, Sensei Usui.

Final steps:

At the conclusion of the treatment we will briefly discuss any feelings or sensations that may have arisen during the treatment. A few suggestions will then be made regarding how to get the most from the energy tune-up.

Healing is available in both Melbourne and Daylesford.

Daylesford healing is conducted at the Om Reiki Centre (click on the link for directions).

Contact us to book a session or ask a question.

Session price: $90

If you can't come into our Reiki Centre in Daylesford, why not try our fully guaranteed Distance Energy Tune-up?

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Things to Remember

No two reiki Energy Tune-Ups are alike. Everyone is different, so you can never predict the result of a session ahead of time.

Furthermore, Reiki energy has a mind of its own. It goes where needed, not necessarily to the place where we think it is needed.

It is not unusual for someone to come in hoping to say, get rid pain in the lower back, only to have a stiff neck fixed instead.

Healing Tree

What almost always happens, however, is that some positive effect from a session is felt.

This will often happen more or less straight away, but sometimes the reaction is delayed to the days to come.

Om Reiki Centre guarantees a positive result. We can't guarantee the particular result. But we do guarantee that you will find the energy tune-up session worth your while.

If you don't, just tell us (write or phone) after allowing a few days for the Reiki energy to do its work and we will happily give a full refund.

Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki Guarantee

Can't come in to the Om Reiki Centre, Daylesford (Victoria, Australia)?

No Problem.

Why not try a Reiki distant healing session? This, like all our energy work, comes fully guaranteed.

Tips for a Great Energy Tune-Up

To get the most out of your Energy Tune-Up you should do a few simple things:

  1. Drink plenty of water, both before and after the session.
  2. Come a few minutes early to give yourself time to relax before starting.
  3. Make sure you have a few minutes to spare after the session. You will want to enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation that you will most likely be experiencing.
  4. Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before or after a session.
  5. If possible, try to avoid over stimulation through food and drink for a couple of hours before and after a session.
  6. Have the intention to receive whatever your body and mind need during the session.

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