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Daylesford Reiki Retreat
July 20-21, 2024

The Om Reiki Summer retreat is open to anyone who already has studied Reiki 1 or above.

During our time together, you will make new like-minded friends, experience powerful group healing and meditation, and leave invigorated in body, mind and spirit.

The retreat is also the perfect place to learn new healing skills that will assist you both immediately and in the years to come.

The Start of Something New

For many Om Reiki students, our retreats are the most transformational of all our events. Something special happens when a group of dedicated healers come together.

This retreat, Om Reiki founder Jeremy O'Carroll will teach an innovative set of techniques and healing skills to boost your Reiki confidence, clear blocks, enhance clarity and supercharge your energy system.

From using Reiki to tap into unconscious wisdom with journaling, to raising the love in relationships, to powering up breathwork and affirmations, this will be our most transformative retreat yet.

So if your intuition is stirring at the idea of joining us, then sign up. Places are limited, and our retreats always fill up.

Same-sex shared accommodation is available at the venue for $40/night. (If you are quick, we also have a small amount of single rooms for those who need them.)

To find out all of the details, scroll down this webpage or call Jeremy on 0417 328 457. He'd love to tell you more.

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July 20-21 Meditation and Reiki Retreat

Daylesford Retreat

July 20-21 (2024)

Investment: $430


Why Retreats Have an Advantage Over Normal Reiki Courses

In a lot of Reiki courses, participants have no previous energy work experience. As a result, it takes time to train them and build a powerful group dynamic.

But at our retreat, things are easy because everyone already has some energy work experience.

Everyone has learned at least Reiki 1, so the group starts at an energetically high place, and from there on, it is simply a question of amplifying this energy.

So if you understand the power of working in a group; if you understand the kind of powerful changes that occur from even a short period of exposure to a group with aligned energy, then you’ll recognize just how transformative a Reiki retreat like ours can be.

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Techniques We Will Cover in Our July 20-21, 2024 Reiki Retreat

Group Attunement: Attunements are Reiki’s magic sauce. They connect you to energy. They expand your ability to heal. At this retreat, Jeremy will perform a powerful group attunement he discovered during his COVID online classes. Use it to help increase your Reiki energy.

Reiki for energy blocks: If energy can flow freely throughout your body, it can generally heal itself. In fact, healing methods like acupuncture are built on this principle. Unfortunately, energy often struggles to circulate in our bodies. Chakras and meridians get blocked. The energy of minor chakras becomes stagnant, and we simply don’t feel the energy buzz we do when everything is flowing nicely. At this retreat, Jeremy will show you techniques for dissolving energy blocks, after which your body will be able to better maintain energetic harmony and wellbeing.

Reiki and crystals: At this retreat, we will experiment with programming crystals and use them to strengthen and heal our chakras. Used well, crystals are a powerful tool to complement our Reiki.

Scanning/self-body scan: The longer we wait to heal an issue, the bigger it grows and the harder it is to heal. Stopping the snowflake at the top of the mountain is easy. Stopping it when it has become an avalanche at the bottom of the mountain is tricky. A great way to catch issues when they are still small is by scanning our bodies (or scanning the bodies of others). We can do this physically, but even better, we can do it psychically. At the retreat, we will use scanning to locate issues in the body and then heal them with Reiki.

Reiki + the four elements: The four elements (earth, water, fire and air) have power, power we can incorporate into our Reiki healing. At this retreat, we will experiment with ways to tap into elemental power and, as a result, add subtlety and nuance to our healing work.

Connect to the energy of the land: One of the great things about the retreat is that we get out of the city and immerse ourselves in the high-energy environment of Daylesford. There, we will open up to the energy of the forests and land around us, which will be calming, balancing, and healing.

Reiki and intuition: To begin with, we learn the Reiki ‘rules’ (like hand positions). Then, we learn to break them. This is essential if we wish to tailor our healing work to the specific client in front of us. This is critical since no two clients are the same. Hence, it makes little sense to give them an identical healing. And that’s where our intuition comes into things. It is the magical ‘something’ that guides our Reiki hand, that helps us know where to work, that helps us pick up things about our client that our rational mind could never fathom. At the retreat, we will practise several techniques to further develop our intuition, something that will improve all of the healing work we do.

Human Reiki and crystal grid: Working in a group lets you do energy experiments that are impossible by yourself. It also allows us to create a human energy grid. Pop in some crystals to further enhance it, and we create a giant energy battery. This will be both healing and fun.

‘Shapeshifting’: Letting our awareness shift form is both liberating and healing. At this retreat, we will practise a form of ‘consciousness shapeshifting’. We did something similar last retreat, and it was one of the techniques people enjoyed most. Try it and love it!

  • Channeling symbols: Connect to the infinite. Channel in personalized symbols from the void. This exercise will help you bring back gifts from the beyond.
  • Energy vampire fix: We all know what it is like to spend an hour with a needy friend and leave feeling like you’ve just had all of the energy sucked out of you. At the retreat, we will work on a technique that not only prevents you from losing your energy, but even helps energetically fill up your needy friend, so it is win/win!
  • Talking to our bodies: Our bodies carry deep wisdom. They can tell us what ails them. They can tell us what they need. At the retreat, we will practice ‘talking to them’. For many, the answers they give us will be profound.
  • Reiki and flow: The flow state. It is a place of pure inner harmony. A place where we intersect with the energies of the Universe. At this retreat, we will harness the power of Reiki to enter the flow state and enjoy opening up to a power beyond us.
  • Reiki and runes: We dabbled with Reiki and runes at the last retreat, but alas, the physical runestones never made it to the event. This time, however, using runestones already safely in my possession, we will tap into their wisdom and, in the process, uncork even more of our natural intuitive abilities.
  • Create a sacred healing space: Places have power – both good and bad. At this retreat, Jeremy will show you how to build a healing sanctuary that thrums with power. Build one whenever you want to deepen the effect of your Reiki.
    (Special: all participants will receive a complimentary set of rune stones.
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Why I Love Retreats

Each year I have the fortune to learn incredible things both from many great teachers and experience.

Although I am constantly revising and improving my regular courses, I am still – to an extent – restricted in what I teach. Levels 1, 2 & 3 Reiki, for instance, all have certain fundamental things that must be taught, so there isn’t so much time for all the new great stuff I have been learning.

That is why I love retreats.

Retreats give me the chance to teach everything I have learned over the past year, to teach my most up-to-date and advanced techniques.

Retreats are also a fabulous chance to make amazing new friends – friends who are on a similar journey as you, friends who really get what you are aspiring towards.

Retreats are more personal than regular meditation and Reiki courses and they provide a greater opportunity to chat and mingle and really get to know the other participants.

At retreats, friendships are often made that can last a lifetime.

Retreats also give you a chance to get away from your daily routine, to unwind and fully immerse yourself in ‘spiritual energy’.

They are an opportunity to get away for an entire weekend, to travel to a beautiful, energy-charged environment, to reset the dial and begin afresh.

For many, retreats are a watershed moment – that moment when their life can redirect and start flowing down a path of greater alignment with the person they really are.

Often we get so caught up with making a living, with doing what needs to be done, that it can be hard to change – even when we want to make changes.

Sometimes all we need is something to interrupt our regular patterns for us to be able to take flight into a new direction.

Om Healing image

Many people only change when Fate ‘hits them with a stick’, when their life gets so miserable that they are finally desperate enough to do what it takes to change.

But it doesn’t need to be like that.

We can be proactive.

We can change from a place of strength rather than despair.

Our retreats aim to cultivate the kind of energetically charged, inspirational environment that will help you make the changes you want to make without having to go through a period of suffering beforehand.

Better still, our retreats are always fun and full of laughter. Spirituality should be enjoyed and reveled in. It doesn’t need to be heavy and serious.

When you are passionate and living in alignment with your dreams and Higher Self then you will naturally do what’s best for you.

Being serious doesn’t give you the energy needed for change. Passion does. Exuberance does.

Those are the states of being we cultivate on our retreats.

Using innovative meditations, you will access new energy levels as you connect more deeply to your inner self.

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The Venue

Boomerang Holiday Ranch, 23 Tipperary Springs Road, Daylesford

Retreat Accommodation

If you need accommodation for the retreat, please download our accommodation flyer. It will give you several good options to make your weekend away a delight!

Retreat Instructor

Our retreats are run by Jeremy O'Carroll, director and founder of the Om Reiki and Om Meditation Centres.

Having studied traditional Japanese, Western and Shamballa Reiki to Master Level from some of the world's best known Reiki teachers in India, Thailand, Australia and the USA, he has a breadth of knowledge and understanding that is rare today.

He has taught Reiki full-time for the past 16 years, has trained over 300 Reiki Masters and is the Amazon best-selling author of 'The Perfect Reiki Course – Everything You Need to Konw Before Your First Class.'

He is also a meditator with close to 30 years' experience and the creator of both CBM (Core / Body / Mind) Meditation and Thinking Meditation.

Reiki Master Jeremy O'Carroll

His extensive knowledge and experience translates to a retreat that will prove instructive, no matter your Reiki lineage, level or meditation experience.

His passion for meditation and Reiki, along with his desire to innovate, means you will be challenged to stretch the boundaries of what you believe Reiki and meditation can and cannot do. In the process, you will also stretch the boundaries of what you believe you can achieve in life.

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Om Meditation and Reiki Retreat Dates

Instructor: Jeremy O'Carroll

Venue: Boomerang Holiday Ranch, Daylesford

Saturday: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Sunday: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Date: July 20-21 (2024)

Investment: $430

Instructor: Jeremy O'Carroll

Venue: Boomerang Holiday Ranch, Daylesford

Saturday: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Sunday: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Date: July 20-21 (2024)

2 monthly payments:

Investment: 2 x $ 215

Instructor:Jeremy O'Carroll

Venue: Boomerang Holiday Ranch, Daylesford

Saturday: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Sunday: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Date: July 20-21 (2024)

3 monthly payments

Investment: 3 X $ 143.34

Note: Please contact us if you wish to attend our course but have difficulty making the investment.

Also, if you wish to share a room with a friend or partner, please let us know by writing to Jeremy at

For more information, please contact the Om Reiki Centre.

Tel: 0417 328 457


For details of our upcoming Reiki courses, please visit our courses homepage.

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