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Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Base Chakra?
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Let's be honest: the first chakra doesn't quite have the glam the 'higher' chakras do. 

I mean, have you ever heard about the number of 'lotus petals' each chakra has?

You've got the first chakra with (drum roll…) four, and the seventh chakra with – let's count – ONE THOUSAND!

No prizes, then, for guessing which chakra gets all the glory.

But is this fair? Is this a true reflection of the two chakras' relative worth?

To better understand these questions, I'd like you to imagine you have a tree with lots of gorgeous fruit on its topmost branches. This fruit is so special that if it can just ripen in the sun for another week, you can sell it at the market for thousands of dollars.

Now, picture yourself staring up at this fine tree and what do you see?

You see fruit glittering in the sunlight. You see fruit turning into cash. You see yourself booking\ your next tropical holiday:

White sandy beaches, clear blue sea, fine food, foot massages…

Yes, it can soon all be yours. Fatten the fruit. Take it to the market — and voila! Wealth and holidays will be yours.

All you've got to do is navigate one small problem: a storm on the radar.

According to the weather experts, it will arrive in a couple of days.
And, as much as I hate to say it, it's big. Real big. News from upstate has it that it's uprooting entire forests of trees.

You ponder what you can do. You gaze up at your fruit tree. You wonder whether it and its fruit will survive.

Now, things are not actually as bad as they might sound because it's not going to be a case of the fruit blowing off the branches.
Nope, this is a special kind of tree, a magical tree, and no matter how strong the wind blows, its fruit will never plop to the ground.
But, if the tree falls – well, that is another story. If it topples, all the fruit WILL be lost.

So, will the tree survive the storm? Will you go on your beach holiday?

That is going to depend on how deep the tree's roots are. If they go down deep and strong then yes, the tree will survive the winds and rain.

But if they are shallow, if all of the Earth's nourishment has gone to the fruits up the top of the tree and little to the roots then, alas, the tree will fall.

Likewise with our chakra system.

If we pay all of our attention to the higher chakras but neglect the lower ones then yes, we may access wondrous realms, realms full of 'transcendental' experiences; but, like the tree without deep roots, we will be unstable and, when the winds blow and the storm comes, we will topple.

Worse still, if we neglect our energetic foundation (i.e. the lower chakras), then we will begin to sway even in the lightest of breezes.

And that is why so many modern-day spiritual practitioners struggle in everyday life. Without the proper energetic grounding they may indeed connect to 'Spirit', but when it comes to living in the material realm, things aren't so smooth.

Think of the many people who specialize in the higher chakras (i.e., psychics and the like). How many of them struggle in noisy and crowded places? How many of them struggle at business? How many of them have health and weight issues?

Naturally, I'm generalizing here, and there are plenty of psychics who get on just fine in the world. But the others? Think about it.

Why Most People Need to Work on Their Base (and Lower Chakras)

Before giving you some tips for strengthening your base chakra, I'd like to point out an important reason why most people need to work more on their lower chakras than their upper ones to maintain energetic balance.

You see, for most of humankind's evolution, we were romping about in nature barefoot. As a result, we evolved to draw in nourishing energy from the Earth that strengthened our lower chakras.

Unfortunately, these days, the majority of us are living in cities, wearing rubber soled shoes and, in general, out of touch with the Earth.

If you think of us like a machine that needs to be plugged into the power (battery) of the Earth, then you can see what the problem is: we are no longer getting the energy from the Earth that we need for our 'body-machine' to function.

To see how true this is, spend a few days walking around barefoot in nature (for instance, at the beach), and you'll find that your lower chakras feel uncommonly strong and vibrant.

This is the power of the Earth — the power most people don't access.

So the lessons to be learned from all of this are:

1. Like a tree that needs a deep root system to safely grow high, we too need to get our energetic foundations right – and that begins with the base (i.e., first or root) chakra.
2. If we can't connect (ground) to the Earth, then we need to overemphasise our work on our lower chakras. We can't simply give each chakra 1/7th of our attention. Instead, we need to work extra on the lower chakras to keep the proper energetic balance.

Strengthening the Base Chakra

The aim of this article is more to get you thinking about the need to work on your base chakra (and lower chakras), not give you oodles of techniques for doing so. That said, here are a few simple ideas to get you started:

• Put your hands over your base chakra and Reiki it (okay, you knew this one, but are you consistently doing it? And did you know that if you give Reiki to your legs and feet, you will also strengthen your base chakra?)
• Practise breathing in and out of your base chakra. Imagine your base chakra is a mouth that you breathe in and out of – each breath strengthening and healing it.
• Practise 'Earthing'. Spend time placing bare feet on the ground (or walking around without shoes). If you want to upgrade this practice, then if you are sitting with your bare feet on the ground, imaging drawing energy up from the Earth into your body with each inhalation.
• Spend time out in nature. This also connects you more to the Earth and, as a result, strengthens your base chakra.

Try these – or other – techniques and enjoy the extra physical and emotional stability they give you. If you practise them consistently, you'll never again feel tempted to neglect the foundation of all your other chakras: the base chakra.

PS If you are looking for more in-depth (and advanced!) instruction on strengthening your base chakra (as well as some pretty nifty techniques), then there is still time to sign up for my Mastering Your Chakras course on September 4 (in Fitzroy North).

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