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Do Reiki Healers Need to Protect Themselves?

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A lot of healers worry that they will get ‘slimed’ when healing people.

Is this a valid fear? Can you catch ‘stuff’ – or bad energy – off clients?

Many Reiki teachers believe you can and, as a result, teach you fancy ways of defending yourself.

For instance, before a Reiki session it is common for people to imagine cords of light connecting their body to the Earth (and thus theoretically ‘grounding’ and protecting them from negative energy).

It is also common for healers to ask protection from Ascended Masters.

And it’s even common for healers to use symbols to protect themselves.

And at the conclusion of a healing session?

Yep, more defensive techniques.

For instance, when I first learned Reiki, I was taught a kind of ‘karate’ chop to disconnect me from the energy of clients.

Many Reiki Masters also advocate washing your hands (all the way up past your wrists) to cleanse yourself of any negative energy that might have flowed into you from your client.

The question, however, is how necessary are all of these defensive measures?

And could it even be that these defensive measures create more problems than they solve?

Why Reiki Healing is Safe

The truth about Reiki healing is that it is totally safe.


Because Reiki healing is one way.

Consider it like filling up your petrol tank from the pump.

The petrol goes into your tank, but it never goes out.

No matter how hard you squeeze the trigger of the petrol pump hose, you can never get petrol to flow back up it.

Nope, it’s all one way…and it’s the same with Reiki healing.

Energy flows out of your hands and into the recipient, but it never flows in the opposite direction.

Indeed, for the duration of a Reiki session, an energy dynamic is set up where outside energies can’t break through the unidirectional Reiki flow.

That, of course, isn’t to say that healers will never feel the emotions or fears of the person they are healing. And it doesn’t mean that healers will never feel pain, discomfort or even queasiness. But none of these sensations necessarily indicate that they are ‘catching’ anything as a result of doing Reiki.

Take queasiness, for instance. Sometimes beginner healers experience this when working on someone. They often presume they are getting slimed by their client’s negative energy, but in almost all cases what they are experiencing is simply the result of healing taking place within them.

You see, when you give a Reiki you get a Reiki. The Reiki flows through you before it goes into the ‘client’ and this often heals you – something which, at times, can lead to what I call a ‘healing cleanse’.

Healing cleanses become far less common the more Reiki you do, so with experience, healers typically don’t feel any discomfort when giving Reiki (just pleasure!).

As for feeling pains and other discomforts when healing, this usually only happens to empaths, and the pain is more an ‘illusion’ of pain than pain proper.

In other words, it is a reflection of what the client is experiencing and it will vanish the moment the healing finishes.

It doesn’t indicate any real issue for the healer, simply that certain areas in the client need to be worked on.

The key for empaths (or anyone that way inclined) is simply to observe – and not react to – any ‘negative’ sensations that arise.

Treat them like a ghost without any physical substance, something that will vanish the moment the healing ends.

Why Some People Feel Drained – Or Slimed – After a Healing Session

It can, of course, happen that you feel drained or ‘slimed’ after giving a Reiki session. But in my experience this almost always only happens in one of two situations:

  1. 1.      Healers have such a strong emotional desire for healing to take place that they end up giving their own energy to their loved one, dear friend or client, instead of simply allowing Reiki to do all the work.
  2. 2.      Healers fear that they will get slimed and this fear attracts that reality.


In the first case, the key is to force yourself to stay detached from the result, no matter how badly you want healing to take place.

This might sound next to impossible in some situations, but so long as you remember that you are only a channel, it is easy enough.

You are not the person doing the healing.

You are simply facilitating the healing.

You are opening yourself up to Reiki so that it can flow through you into the client.

And the more you can let go and not try to help or add to the healing, the better.
I often tell students to imagine themselves to be like a pipeline for the Reiki energy to flow through.

If the pipeline is empty (i.e., they are not trying to direct or add to the energy), then the Reiki energy can flow freely.

If they try to add their own agenda and energies, etc. to the healing, then it is as if the pipeline starts getting clogged.

Energy will still flow, but it will not flow as easily.

So if you really want the best result for your loved one or friend, then get out of the way of the healing.

Do that and you’ll also find that you don’t accidentally give any of your own energy and end up feeling drained.

Fear Attracts Bad Things!

The second reason you might feel drained after a session is that you attract what you fear and focus on.

So if you worry about getting slimed or having your ‘life force’ sucked out of you by a client, then it may well happen.

But it has nothing to do with Reiki, just the universal law of attraction.

So the key to staying safe is simply to decide that you are always safe when giving Reiki.

That is what I do, and I can’t remember a single time when a client has negatively impacted me when giving Reiki.

Interestingly, my experience is that you are actually way safer giving than not giving Reiki!

Take, for instance, the case of ‘energy vampires’.

We have all had plenty of times when we’ve left a social interaction feeling drained (a long conversation with a needy friend, too long spent with an overly anxious person, etc.). But as I said, this has never happened to me while giving Reiki.

It has happened to me many times in ‘everyday life’, just never with Reiki.

So if you are worried about getting slimed by people, you should give as much Reiki as you can, because that will be safer than not giving it!

So don’t believe the fear-mongers who tell you Reiki isn’t safe.

Reiki is Fort Knox!

It’s super safe.

So long as you remember not to try to be anything more than a Reiki channel, and so long as you stop worrying about getting slimed, you’ll stay beautifully invulnerable.

Better still, since you get a healing when you give a healing, you’ll come out of your healing session more vibrant than ever.

(Article copyright, Jeremy O'Carroll)

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