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Is This the Real Matrix?

People love to talk of the ‘matrix’.

This could be a virtual reality in which we are all lost.

Or it might be sinister powers that pull the strings of government and control the world.

Always, however, the matrix is something outside of us.

Something clouding our vision.

Something controlling our lives.

Something enslaving us.

And yet, what if the most significant matrix is right in our head?

What if our most pressing issue is the prison our minds create for us?

What if our biggest problem is that our mind somehow casts a spell of amnesia over us each time it urges us to try a new plan?

To better explain, let’s take a look at the ‘three levels of mental trickery’.

Mental Trickery – Level 1

The first level is the least common but also the most mind-blowing. Any time events occur here, we should stop and question everything know about life.

Because if something is wrong here, then there is a glitch in the matrix!

So what am I talking about?

I’m talking about the paranormal.

Stuff that defies the laws of physics.

Now, I’m a pretty left-brained, rational kind of guy. If you’ve done my courses, you know I’m not all woo-woo. Yet even I have encountered my fair share of weird stuff.

When I was little, for instance, I always saw ghosts in a certain bedroom of my grandparents’ house. They never actually spoke to me, but they would glide in and out fully dressed in what—at times—seemed like an endless procession.

As a teenager and adult, I stopped seeing ghosts. But I did see one in my twenties when I was travelling in Mexico. There, in Oaxaca City, I woke up in the middle of the night to find the glowing, floating head of an old lady right above me.

If I had my time again, I’d hopefully stay calm and chat with the lady, but I jumped half out of my skin and, leaping to the other side of the room, flicked on the light, heart pounding.

Then, when I turned around, the ghost was, alas, gone.

Another time, in Italy, I woke up to the bright light of day, opened my eyes, and found myself in a very different place from the one I went to sleep in.

I kept my eyes open, and for about 15 seconds, the landscape in front of me was totally foreign. Then, with my eyes still open, the world rearranged itself back into the room I was currently staying in.

Or what about firewalking?

I’ve done that about five times, and I can assure you, the coals are hot.

I’ve walked on glowing orange coals and somehow didn’t burn my feet. It’s inexplicable. It defies the laws of physics! And yet I have first-hand experience to say it happened.

In my time as a professional healer, I’ve also had plenty of people tell me all manner of incredible stories.

For instance, once, a chess-playing friend of mine approached me with a curious story he had never told anyone (who, other than a weird Reiki teacher, could he tell it to without sounding crazy?)

He said that he was crossing the road once when a delivery truck swung around a corner, sped through a red light, and was about to squash him when he somehow found himself on the other side of the road.

The truck skidded to a halt. The driver jumped out. He looked for the mangled puddle of body and blood on the ground and then spotted my friend on the other side of the road.

Fair to say that both of them were relieved at the inexplicable turn of events.

But here is the thing: while most of us have a story like this somewhere in our past, and while most of us have seen seemingly impossible things happen, instead of letting this shake up the very fabric of everything we believe about life, we simply nudge the event under the carpet, forget about it, and move on.

In other words, we erase the data!

Mental Trickery – Level 2

The next level is more subtle. Here, somehow, our mind tricks us into believing that despite all available data, the future is going to be different from the past.

Let me explain.

Our mind is a kind of goal-making machine.

It says if X happens, then we will be happy.

But after X happens, we’re not especially happy (or, if we are, this heightened state of happiness doesn’t last), so it tells us happiness is actually all about Y.

We need Y to happen, and then everything will change.

So we achieve Y, and what does our mind tell us?

Yep, we really need Z!

On and on, for our entire lives, we keep trying new things, and none of them are the Holy Grail.

But still, that never deters us.

“It must be P!” we cry out.

“It will be U, I know it!!”

One thing after the next after the next, and nothing can ever dim the optimist within us.

If we can BE R.

If we HAVE S.

If we GO TO W.

If we can FINISH H.

If we can START C.

If we can AVOID B.

Then – praise the Lord! – we will finally find stable happiness.

Then our lives will be complete.

The mind is so endlessly inventive that we never stop to question whether past performance might actually be indicative of future expected results.

Because while we can’t discount the possibility that we might finally discover that grand thing that will make all the difference to our happiness, what’s the probability that it really is one of those things our mind is suggesting?

Nothing it has ever suggested before has worked (for any duration).

So why will its next suggestion be an exception?

Mental Trickery – Level 3

Not only do we never question the mind despite its thousands of failed past promises, we don’t even seem to question it when it changes its mind like a lunatic.

“Oh, you’ve had such a busy day,” it tells us, “why don’t you put your feet up, watch some TV and eat a tub of ice cream? You deserve it!”

So you follow its suggestion. It cheers you on as you scrape the last specks of ice cream free from your tub. You toss down your spoon and rub your belly content and… it turns to you.

“What have you done?!!” it cries out. “I can’t believe it. You wasted an entire night watching TV, and you even ate a tub of ice cream. All that when you are already busy and are meant to be taking care of your health! How could you? Where is your self-discipline? I’m SOOOOOO disappointed in you!”

And it says this with a straight face as if it weren’t just urging you to hog into the ice cream and laze about watching TV.

But – and this is the incredible thing – it never crosses our ‘hijacked’ mind to say we were only following its stupid instructions.

We’re like, ‘Oh, I can’t believe I did that! I’m such a pathetic slob.’

To which our mind agrees before firing off a few more choice remarks our way.

And it does exactly the same thing all the time with our emotions.

It tells us we should get mad at someone, or upset about a situation, or who knows what. And then, if we follow its advice, it tells us it can’t believe we can’t control our emotions better!

So What Is the Real Matrix?

In fairness, I can’t disprove the existence of maleficent powers that pull the string of nations.

And I can disprove that we’re not floating in some sort of virtual reality, either.

But whatever the case may be, could it be that the most pressing matrix of them all is actually the one created by our mind?

Could it be that until we start questioning our mind and its assumptions, we will always stay trapped in a kind of mental ‘matrix’?

Maybe we will only be free when we examine our personal history and question our mind’s conclusions about it.

Then, when we look closely at the data, we may just find that the truth is hiding in plain sight:

The Matrix is our mind.

Article by Jeremy O'Carroll

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