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How Will I Feel at the End of the Course?

"I enjoyed every minute of it and couldn't get enough. We had a great group of people and the energy in the room was fantastic. Jeremy has a wealth of knowledge and i just wanted to pick his brain! Jeremy's gift is his ability to teach with clarity and humour so the information was absorbed very easily. I came away feeling empowered and looking forward to doing level 2."

(Simone Buchanan)

"Had no idea what to expect , or what I thought I would get out of it. But could not believe how relevant it was just at this particular moment for me. I felt a tinge of fear at the time of the first attunement but that disappeared and I felt good in my own skin for the first time in ages. ...Very much what I was searching for at this moment."

(Kim Toogood)

"I have been able to connect with myself again. I am looking forward to the future of healing, and its wonderful surprises. Definitely a feeling of being able to do something wonderful for yourself."

(Claudia Barra)

"I love it. I feel relaxed within me, and looking forward to let Reiki be part of my life, and [that of] others. [Learnt] how important the energy is for any living thing. And how important intuition is. Look forward to the 2nd level."

(Sonia Sepulveda)

"I now feel more relaxed and have got more understanding and feeling. [The course] changed my mood and a lot of people would find it very meditative"

(Melissa Attard)

"Calm and peaceful. Confident to try different [Reiki] things on myself and others."

"Enlightening yet peaceful. Absolutely recommend it!"

(Maria Perta)

"The course felt more 'complete' than expected. I feel very enriched and empowered. I really felt a connection with others in the group. The course makes you more aware of your spirituality and the possibilities available. Make you realise how much control you have over your thoughts and feelings."

(Lisa-Marie Pavlicic)

"I was a little nervous and unsure about what to expect at first. Will I feel exhausted at the end of the day? Will I be able to do Reiki? I was pleasantly in a state of calm and centredness at the conclusion and felt that I can use Reiki and get better with more practice. Helps to tune the body and mind and reconnect with yourself. We don't do enough of it these days."

(Cherie Kellenbach)

It seems shocking, but many Reiki teachers today are not fully ‘invested’ in Reiki. Instead, they are really yoga teachers or massage therapists or kinesiologists, etc. who, once upon a time, learned Reiki and now, from time to time, dabble in teaching it.

As a result, their courses tend to lack coherency and rigor and, very often, have scant materials and follow-up to go with them.

Not surprisingly, even though these courses are still typically enjoyable, they create students who, too often, give up their practice when life gets hectic.

It is for this reason that Jeremy decided that he would only ever hire Reiki teachers and healers who are dedicated Reiki practitioners. Sure, they could also study other things – in fact this can even help their Reiki – but they needed to practise Reiki daily on themselves. It needed to be part of their life.

This adds a layer of authenticity to what they teach, and it means they have a far richer collection of personal experiences to share with their students.

This ‘authenticity’ carries with it a certain energetic quality that means students relate better to everything they learn.

Will I Really Learn to do Reiki in Just One Weekend?

"[Was] Worried that I wouldn't 'get' the whole thing, not having done anything like it before. I certainly did 'get' it though. Everyone would benefit from the experience."

(David Greenwood)

"I now feel confident of doing Reiki on myself as well as on others. I feel calm, balanced and looking forward to the 21-day completion of the course."

(Stuart Douglas)

"Was worried I wouldn't feel the energy or be able to treat others. That I would be too different to others attending and feel self-conscious. All fears put to rest! "It was exciting, relaxing and mind-opening. It puts you in touch with different aspects of yourself. It's extremely calming...Joyful experience to meet others and give them Reiki."

(Lara Williamson)

"Wanted to learn how to do Reiki and now I have learnt the tools and can confidently go away and practice it on myself and others. It was fantastic and you feel great and more confident within yourself."

(Cathy De Boni)

"I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to feel the energy or that nothing would happen. That worry was definitely! put to rest by the end of the course! I was shocked by the intensity of the energy in my body. I was really happy with the way the course was presented. I loved the discussion, the stories, the meditation and of course the Reiki itself."

(Anna Inkster)

Meditation tree

"Given the course ran for two days I feel I received a comprehensive intro to Reiki 1. I am confident in my understanding and practice of Reiki to achieve what I set out to. I partcularly appreciated the roundness of Jeremy's interpretation of the philosophy and aims as discussed and the lack of dogma. I would recommend this course wholeheartedly."

(Suzanne Crameri)

"I thought I might not be confident enough to go out and give Reiki to friends, but now I would not hesitate."

(Margaret Falzon)

"I was worried about not being able to pick up the steps for Reiki. I was always fascinated by the way practitioners did Reiki, [but] it looked impossible for me to do. But now after completing level 1 I understand how it works. The course was in depth. Good knowledge. Everyone was friendly. Good for the health."

(Nihan Ongoren)

"It [the course] gave me great confidence in practising Reiki when we had the 'hands on' with each other and the 'wow' factor was generated."

(Michelle Sinclair)

"I was suprised how quickly and easily we were able to tap into this energy. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Your humour created a relaxed atmosphere and your explanation of concepts made it easy to understand. I would definitely recommend your course to others"

(Amy Forcier)

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Birds in trees provide healing music
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What is the Course Instructor Like?

"Was worried that I would not be able to relate to the spiritual side of things and that the instructor might be a bit of a fruit loop. Jeremy was excellent. Always open to questions and had a clear way of explaining things. Very patient. [I feel] Relaxed, energetic, eager to practice and learn more."

(Julie Cartwright)

"Just the very best. Wonderful. No words can describe how I feel. So happy. [Would recommend] for the wonderful Reiki and a very special person teaching us."

(Marlene Paradowski)

"I now feel energy and am open to receiving energy. I understand how it works and also got to know how to meditate. Excited, tired! Enlightened. Happy that I now have these tools. [The course] was no-nonsense and Jeremy is fantastic. He has a great sense of humour."

(Kelly George)

"Very enjoyable, theory + experiential learning was good. ...You rock, Jeremy!"

(Nancy Vincent)

"Actually the two days were not enough, but it was perfect. Jeremy makes you understand. The course was fantastic! Thank you Jeremy."

(Eytan Tobias)

"The course was fantastic! You provide a friendly, comfortable and most of all very informative course."

(Jenny McMillan)

"Was very pleased with my Reiki ability. Jeremy was obviously knowledgeable and experienced. He ran the course at a good pace."

(Fiona Fowler)

"It opens people up to something bigger than them and gives them connection to a deeper part of themselves. Quite, quite beautiful. Jeremy is a gorgeous character!"

(Antje Janssen)

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How Will I Find the Course Content, Structure and Size?

"I thought the course was great. The brilliance was in the dynamics of our small class. I felt the course was intimate and personal and I rather enjoyed being a recognised individual in the class rather than one that can be lost in the masses of a larger class. I feel much calmer and composed through the meditation exercises and I am excited about strengthening my chakaras and increasing my energy flow. I'm sure that when I wake up tomorrow morning I will feel energised and invigorated. Looking forward with proceeding with the e-course and looking forward to the next workshop. Many thanks."

(Agnes Benczik)

"Fabulous. The small group made things comfortable and there was the right amount of information, discussion and practice to really benefit...Ready for more."

(Angela Neal)

Om Healing image

"Very informative, fun, good metaphors / explanations, stories. Professional yet fun and relaxing. Nice group. Good location."

(Melissa Hamblin)

"It was comprehensive, taught well, well timed but flexible for questions etc. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable teacher. Sense of humour an added bonus. Nothing was too much trouble. Thanks Jeremy."

(Julie Hill)

"Eager to practice and improve what I've learnt. A simple, easy to follow introduction to Reiki."

(Sharon Herbert)

"It is presented in a very down-to-earth way, very intelligently and doesn't take itself too seriously but still treats Reiki with utmost respect. I didn't expect to get so much in tune with energy so quickly."

(Sharon McKerchar)

"I thought the Reiki course was very well structured because, although there was a clear emphasis on covering the key topics in a particular order, there was room to alter the content to suit individuals' comments and feelings when required. ...Jeremy was a highly enthusiastic and encouraging presenter who showed a great understanding of Reiki. He also stressed the importance of maintaining a mature and realistic perspective on Reiki's role in our lives. The meditation and Reiki tools were great and highly applicable also."

(Simon Rutherford)

"The course was very well facilitated. The fact that the group was small made it a really nice and intimate experience. It was a good balance between theory and practice. I also really enjoyed that it was relaxed and not too structured, so it allowed for some interesting conversations to result. Good follow up materials. Inspired to continue my practice!"

(Kim Ingles)

"Well presented and achieved results. Was also informative and [had] a friendly vibe."

(Marianne Fusillo)

"Well constructed, flows well, professional delivery, interesting content."

(Karen Evans)

"You get to practice as much as possible, which gives you loads of confidence. Also, Jeremy is a nice, down-to-earth teacher, so it's easier to believe we can do it too. The course is really efficient."

(Jon Wirth)

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Will My Expectations Be Met?

"Exceeded my expectations. Reiki is such an effective self-help tool and the workshop was a very safe and comfortable place to be. Jeremy, you are a very easy person to be around which made learning that much more enjoyable."

(Helen Argyrou)

"Wondering if I would be able to do it [Reiki], and would I feel silly. However small group size is very comfortable and reassuring. Expectations definitely met. I know I can do Reiki. I'm feeling relaxed, happy and excited about what we have learnt and achieved during this weekend. I would recommend the course because I feel I have got so much out of it. The feeling of well-being is enormous and I think others should have the chance to feel as good as I do."

(Christine Arnold)

"Surprised me and exceeded my expectations. Thank you."

(Rebecca Hatton)

"I liked the holistic aspect of Reiki and experienced profound energy shifts during the attunements that would lead me to recommend it [the course] to people interested in healing but also as a lifestyle destress and invigoration - something I would recommend to clients as a kinesiologist."

(Jess Hall)

Jeremy O'Carroll

"Didn't know what to expect. In a way it has left me with a sense of 'wonder' & some type of deep respect for Reiki & what possibilities could come from learning and practicing techniques. Everyone would benefit."

(Lesley Harris)

"I'd have to say I was somewhat worried about the reactions or side-effects from practising on myself. After practising and concluding the course, I realized and learnt that Reiki is 'spiritually guided' energy which only allows positive effects. It is a fabulous tool to complement a 'journey towards Enlightenment'."

(Melinda Antal)

"I feel I got what I expected from the course and more. There was a lot more hands on learning than I expected which was great. It's a good way to relax and get in touch with your feelings and emotions and feel an overall balance."

(Jess Saunders)

"Really enjoyed the course...for a range of reasons: stress relief, openness, and then the healing and helping side. Went beyond my expectations."

(Beth Meade)

"My expectations and more were meet, I learnt a lot about Reiki, the workings of Reiki, and the ability to 'channel' the Reiki energy. It was very informative and entertaining"

(Jack Sabini)

Level 2

"Really enjoyed the course, the material was brought to life in a very digestible way with a nice balance between practice and theory.

Loved the distance healing, particularly living so far away from home. The mantras and the symbols also really brought the depth to the modality for me. Made it so much stronger than level 1. Absolutely loved it :)"

(Aisling Quigley)

"Before doing level 2, I thought I already had learned all the tools to give powerful Reiki to people who needed it. What I soon realised was that level 1 was only a small glimpse into our capabilities. Level 2 enabled me to truly amplify the healing energy and to customise it and make it a personal experience. The symbols and techniques learned in level 2 have really allowed me to improve my Reiki to the upmost level.

Jeremy ensures everyone in the class is comfortable and he creates a peaceful place where students can learn in a nurturing and exciting way. It was so much more than what I had expected."

(Melinda Antal)

"The tools and information were very comprehensive and taught in a very practical manner. Well paced and enjoyable. The emphasis on meditation was enjoyable and I got a lot out of all the techniques. Already I have seen strength rise in my other psychic work. More confident and energized. More receptive to the energy of others."

(Arron Learmond)

"I had a great time, met amazing people and feel privileged to have been able to learn from someone who has a deep and broad experience of the various forms of Reiki. I am feeling energised and keen to continue.

The course is extensive, well-presented and in a comfortable atmosphere. I don’t know of any other Reiki masters who have had as much personal experience as Jeremy."

(Vicki Klein)

"Prior to the course I felt unconfident about my reiki. Now I have significantly increased confidence and it's growing each day with practice.

The course was very colourful and fun; quite different to Reiki 1, which I did with a different teacher. It opened my eyes how creative one can be with practising Reiki."

(Anne Scheuerlein)

"I have tried most of the techniques we learned during the course both in a quiet and "suboptimal" environments and it feels great. I feel a better connection with the energy and it seems to be easier now to open myself to it both for healing and self-development purposes.

I had a strong opinion against the power symbols before the course. The major insight I had before I came to study reiki 1 course was about how everyone is one with this energy and that there is no barrier between us and ki. All the energy is available to anyone anytime and the only reason we seem to be unable to tap into it when we seem to want it is the beliefs our mind bases its behavior on. With this mindset using the power symbols was seen by me as an artificial measure creating yet another disturbance in the mind.

Well... During the course I realised that... Well... Firstly, these symbols just work. :) And secondly, that it is a mind's nature to have disturbances which may be used to a good purpose as soon as they are not becoming a part of a false identity.

To cut this long story short... I love the symbols now. And they are not just working well but also creating some more room for experimentation which is probably one of the most important aspects in the whole endeavor for me."

(Val Saleznev)

"Very well structured. Lots and lots of techniques to be tried and applied. Intrigued. Enjoyed enthusiastic teaching style and appreciated honesty re. own experiences."

(Simon Rutherford)

"Jeremy has a great teaching style, is friendly, approachable, humourous, and abviously knows his stuff. Course content is varied and practical. A wonderful way to step forward into the next phase of my Reiki experience."

(Alicia Brown)

"Lots of tools and information. Very good weekend. Thanks Jeremy for your time, patience and all the knowledge you've passed on."

(Euthy Sephton)

"Having done level 2 before I now realize that it was a waste of time. This course is so much more fulfilling, wonderful and practical than my experience so far. Jeremy is a fantastically honest and down to earth teacher who leaves you with trustworthy and worldy knowledge. Everything that was outlined in the beginning was covered in great depth and discussion which leaves a great confidence and determination to go away with. Thanks! I feel great!"

(Nina Browne)

"By far exceeded my expectations. In two days alone I've felt I've learned so much more about myself, and I've now got the tools to learn so much more. Can't wait to put it all in practice and reap the rewards!"

(Elizabeth Sweeney)

"The tools and the information were very comprehensive and taught in a wonderful and practical way. I am already more confident and energized. Thank you Jeremy. Your teaching is very energizing and very enthusiastic and gives your students confidence and understanding."

(Marlene Paradowski)

"Having had no follow-up after Reiki 1, this course showed techniques + applications which will totally enhance my Reiki practice. A good mixture of practical & theoretical. Good to participate in course with others, to share experiences & be inspired by Jeremy."

(Shelley Campbell-Best)

"I would highly recommend doing Reiki 2 with Jeremy. Jeremy can accommodate everyone in his courses. His knowledge and expertise is evident, however he is always humble and respectful towards his students. He is clearly committed to Reiki and giving his students the utmost support."

(Julie Hill)

"The tools (mantras + symbols) help keep the mind focussed whilst giving Reiki as well as intensify the meaning of your practice. The knowledge Jeremy shares is so interesting and valuable for all, irrespective of the level of Reiki they want to practice."

(Kim Toogood)

"The meditation techniques and chanting were great. I think anyone interested in Reiki would get a lot out of the course; it was very informative and practical."

(Ben Robins)

"The symbols were very powerful. I'm thankful to have learned the chanting as well as different meditation techniques My Reiki really has been brough to the next level. I had an amazing weekend."

(Christina Fenzau)

"Broad-minded approach. Learn handy skills."

(Emma Thomason)

"Lots of information, learnings - presenter has broad knowledge and experience."

(Sandra Vloedmans)

"Did not know what to expect - but enjoyed the course very much. Has made a huge difference to the energy levels in my body."

(Anne Schumacher)

"Very enjoyable and relaxed. Very informative and the follow-up is important to have for reassurance. Very satisfied."

(Chris Arnold)

"It's improved my ability to control the 'heaven' energy and also practice in different ways. It [will] help others to experience the healing energy."

(Dian Fatwa)

Big Red Cherry Blossom
Large Crane: symbol of energy healing expansion
Tree Energy spiritual healing
Birds playing in trees
Large Crane: symbol of energy healing expansion
Bamboo leaves

Master Level

"Jeremy your down to earth approach has taught me I can integrate Reiki with everyday activities. Gone is the separation between “Reiki time” and “normal time.” That’s gold.I will recommend you as a Reiki teacher, just for this fact alone - your humour and matter of fact explanations move Reiki from something “lofty” to “user-friendly."

(Merren Pettingill)

"There were so many new skills I learnt. All the symbols have deepened my connection with Reiki and made my spiritual path stronger. I also learnt how to deal with my emotions and come out stronger as a person, the reiki being a huge influence in this. The meditations were great for a deeper connection as well and learnt better protection/cleansing ways.

"The course was way more then I expected. It was more of an emotional rollercoaster in every sense, the reiki was so powerful throughout the whole course, I was truly finding out who I am as a person, realising you have to fully cleanse yourself before you can help others and meeting other people in the class whom will be in my life for years to come.

"Jeremy is a teacher with a huge amount of experience and it definitely shows through his teaching style. It was a relaxed setting, you can laugh and have a good time but also know that you are going to work hard over the three days. Also the learning does not stop there as you complete a 21 day e course after finishing with any help and guidance along the way that you need. Highly recommend!"

(Jacqui Ray)

"The Master Course really deepened my Reiki knowledge and awareness of energy. The techniques I learned were amazing.

"I feel Jeremy gives very high quality courses and this is no exception."

(Tammy Parker)

"I feel you (Jeremy) teach Reiki in a very accessible way, without being too dogmatic or critical, and using language that appeals to everyday folk. All the benefits of the Reiki system and way of life without the over-the-top approach/language/style of some in the alternative field. You could say you have struck on an ideal methodology/teaching style that fits with the age we're in, and people looking for ways to improve their lives without hibernating in a monastery or living in a self-sustaining commune.

(Simon Crase)

"I think it is a great course to do for your own personal development, aside from the opportunity to teach and offer Reiki following it.

"Lots of aspects of the training will improve my Reiki, including, but not limited to:

* the meditation practices on the hara and other chakras,

* the documentation in the manual,

* the various videos and other information in all the portels,

* and the opportunity to work with others who have also trained in Reiki, outside of the course.

"The course exceeded my expectations."

(Christine Fiscalini)

"I think you, Jeremy, are a born teacher. Perhaps because you combine so well the rational and intuitive mind, with some other kinds of knowledge, you can communicate at different levels; you can draw from a variety of sources. I think this is essential for the Master Level.

"Both the symbols' mantras and meditations, from what I experienced during the course, are crucial tools for grounding, centering, and focusing energy. I know that, if I practice them consistently, my energy blocks will dissolve and I will become a more effective Reiki channel.

"To be sure, I didn't have a set of expectations. True, I knew the Master initiation would bring some stuff together and cause some shift. But this was more about my own process than the course itself. As the weekend progressed, I realized what exactly that personal shift could be. Yesterday evening, as we drove back home, I realized the nature of the transformation: I was present; everything around me was there, intense, high def. Amazing!"

(Denise Ferreira da Silva)

"This course has definitely improved my Reiki skills by learning both Master Symbol and other esoteric Symbols. During the Master Level course it was obvious the difference and intensity of the Reiki healing when the symbols were utilised from a Practitioner and Client perspective.

"Jeremy has a wealth of knowledge and experience where he incorporates aspects from different Reiki teachers eg William Lee Rand as well as teaching traditional Reiki from Usui. The relaxed and sometimes experimental approach rather than being too dogmatic is refreshing and creates a great atmosphere for a successful course."

(Michelle Sinclair)

"I didn’t know what to expect, so I had no expectation, but, what I did experience was a remembering of a part of me I thought had died off a long time ago.

"Jeremy incorporates a multiverse of energy with intellect, making it ‘user-friendly’ and easy to understand for those who are not as open to, or inclined towards complimentary therapies and the like. A very good balancing of the minds. Thank you for that!"

(Leigh-ann Cowie)

"it [the course] delivered what it promised in terms of offering MORE than 'textbook' - 'Paint-by-number' Reiki Attunements/education.

"You kept things flowing and changing from activity to activity, to address the 'set syllabus' effectively while allowing for spontaneous changes in direction & insightful philosophical debates.

"Your depth and breadth of experience is enormous. Your nature is deeply philosophical and enquiring, and of course that 'thirst for knowledge and enlightenment' has resulted in you having walked a path of learning for many years that is unique and rich, and hugely beneficial to the student. Plus you quote the teachings of your masters using brilliant and entertaining authentic accents! : )"

(Ross Dadds)

"I was very happy that I found Om Reiki for Master course.

"My sensitivity to energy has increased so much, and I became more open than ever as a Reiki channel.

"The Daylesford location was so beautiful and it was excellent place to be attuned to the new level.

"Jeremy is very experienced as a teacher, has a great sense of humour, and tells stories and relates to people in such a warm and respectful manner.

"I just couldn't stop laughing to hear lots of entertaining episodes from his Reiki and spiritual practices. He is so open to experimental ideas while maintaining respect for tradition, and is very creative as a energy worker.

"His 21days E-course is absolutely fantastic. It guides you to the deeper level step by step, and there is additional information that helps you gain an understanding of what are important & helpful things to be aware of as a Reiki practitioner.

"I experienced a big shift at many levels just from following it. I think this e-course makes his Master course very special. I learnt so much from following the e-course, and it is still ongoing. It never ends. I can't be thankful enough for what was given for the course!"

(Naoko Morita)

Meditation tree

"I highly recommend the Reiki mastery course to others. Jeremy's teaching style and passion for Reiki is outstanding! He delivers the course with professionalism, commitment, his knowledge is remarkable and clearly he is dedicated to Reiki. I am also grateful to Jeremy for offering his support through the e-course and by contacting him directly. Thank you Jeremy for having me as your student."

(Helen H.)

"I recently had the great delight in attending the Reiki Master training conducted by Reiki Master Jeremy O’Carroll.

"I have been studying Asian philosophy, history, art and religion for more than 30 years and Reiki in particular for approximately 5 years under two Reiki Masters before Jeremy.

"I can say that the Reiki Master training and attunements that I received from Jeremy are of the highest calibre from a man who has breadth of experience, depth of experience, dedication and true sensitivity.

"The course preparation, documentation provided and delivery were excellent leading to a genuine advancement in my understanding and capabilities in Reiki.

"Overall, I am delighted that I found Jeremy to be my Sensei for the next phase of my Reiki development and am certain that the lessons learnt and personal development gained will stay with me always."

(Roger Levy)

"I found the course enormously helpful in improving and expanding my understanding of and ambitions with Reiki. The course material and format fed my interest and imagination with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be invaluable in my Reiki journey.

The course greatly exceeded my expectations. I am blown away by the breadth and depth of the information and experience delivered.

This course is on a different planet to most Reiki courses. The course scope, materials, design, delivery, intent, e-course and delivery were all exemplary. I would recommend this course to anyone, including many who have already done a Reiki Master course elsewhere. Most importantly Jeremy always brings us back to our Reiki journey and practice as a path rather than a destination."

Cherry Blossom
Crane for healing energy expansion flying left
Tree Energy spiritual healing
Small Inverted cherry blossom to decorate Reiki course studio
Reiki healing amid bamboos?
Crane for healing energy expansion flying left
Pink cherry blossom to decorate Reiki healing room

Reiki Retreat

"The retreat improved and replenished my Reiki skills; I learnt new ways to meditate, new ways to contemplate on the precepts and most importantly new ways to expand my energy. I didn't know what to expect from a retreat but I found it beneficial, peaceful, energising and well worth it! In between meditations (there are a few) the shared conversations, humour and general chit chat was both fun and enlightening. If anyone is contemplating the course, then just take the plunge.... that's what I did and it was worthwhile."

(Collette Stewart)

"Doing the retreat helped me to have more faith in myself through the many meditations we did. These meditations and visualisations helped me to amplify my Reiki healing channelling and Jeremy gave us so many different ways to this. The Reiki Tree visualisation, the Orb of light Visualisation really helped to "rev up" the Reiki energy and it was apparent how this achieved a sensational healing effect on the "receiver" as well as the "giver".

"Ever since doing the retreat the Reiki energy channelling comes through alot easier and more powerful. Learning and meditating on the 5 Reiki Principles has heped on so many levels in regards to my personal life and growth. If I find myself being negative or reacting negatively about things, three magic words come to mind "GO TO JELLY". It works everytime and life doesn't seem that big of a struggle.

"Jeremy's down to earth approach makes you feel comfortable and the people you meet are pretty much there for the same reasons you are, to grow. You get some much from this retreat and leave feeling confident, stress free and HUMBLE.

"I really like how Jeremy took us out of our comfort zones and the way he put the meditations and the hands on healing etc together. Everything fitted in together which really helped in retaining all the lessons."

(Sharon Stephens)

1. Retreat gave me greater insight into the precepts, much more than in my training courses.

2. My ability to see auras has improved dramatically (due to staring at trees!). This is a bit weird as, working in a hospital, I sometimes see really sick people as if they are almost out of body! Also when I look at someone's aura, even just a glance, they usually feel me looking and turn round. Bit embarrassing to be often caught staring.

3. My ability to "get out of the way" when treating people has improved. Though one client commented that this was spooky as she felt that I wasn't there and some strange floating person had replaced me!"

(Tricia Mottram)

"Absolutely loved it. At first I was trying to process why all the meditation, I went away on Saturday thinking about whether Sunday would be different. From the moment I walked into the room on Sunday and we started our first meditation there was a clunk deep within me that switched on "oh what a feeling!

"Would recommend the retreat it allowed me to put aside all worries and woes and gave me a different perspective on meditation that I did not have beforehand. It recharged my batteries and the attunement was heavenly here on earth and in my dreams that night. Because it made me feel alive!"

(Polly Aleks)

"Provides an intensive chance to practice uninterrupted and without outside distractions."

(Andrew Walker)

CBM Meditation Course Testimonials

"You've clearly put an amazing amount of energy and thought into it, with the structure of the pre-course, the day and the e-course follow up. It has been a great investment from my perspective, both in terms of energy, time and finances. "Even without having completed the e-course, what I've done to date has helped me enormously."

(Debra Mooney)

"Took my meditation to another level. The next time I mediated after the course, I practiced a technique and I couldn't believe what a difference it made."

(Denise Minettos)

"Just by completing the exercises in the pre course I have already felt a difference. I feel calm, more energetic and more at peace with myself. Fantastic from such a small amount of practice.

"I can only imagine what will be possible as I continue to practice and integrate these new skills into my daily life."

(Anne Schumacher)

"The skills learned have made my meditating a pleasurable experience. Now I get annoyed when my timer goes off instead of relieved.

"It opens up a whole new focus and makes meditating feel blissful and much more beneficial than it had previously felt to me.

"Feeling in a more blissful state makes it much easier to quiet and observe the mind and be more in tune with the body and soul. Moreover I feel like meditating more and more. "

(Jane Sammut)

"I have been sitting with the after effects of this course. In some way I am still speechless. Something happened on that day which has changed my feeling about "life, the universe and everything".

"I had been working with this since you introduced it to me at Masters. But now I understood it a deeper level. And this leads to the "I am speechless" comment. I HAD NOT REALISED HOW MUCH I HAD ACTUALLY BEEN DRIFTING WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS ACTUALLY IN MEDITATION. This came as a shock. All this working on myself during the past 15 years, I could see, had been enormously beneficial. There was a time when I couldn't sit and still my mind at all. Now I can, and regularly do. Or do I? No ... BECAUSE I AM STILL DRIFTING. I cannot tell you how powerful that realisation was. And similarly how much I drift in my normal day to day life. THE REALISATION THAT EVEN THOUGH I AM MORE "AWARE" THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE ... I AM ACTUALLY A LONG WAY FROM "AWARE". At first I wasn't sure how to feel about this, but now I am greatly excited.

"Your course actually pulled a lot of threads together and now I understand this whole process differently.

"I thought that your meditation course was really good at the time. Now I am thinking that it is really really good. It's really really good. Wow. Anyway, still pondering upon superlatives because I am a little speechless at the moment."

(Asharni Arlae)

"I learned so much. it was easy to understand and helped me greatly."

(Tracey Cecil)

"The key challenge is practising and integrating [meditation] in our daily life – which I was not aware of how to do. This course has definitely enhanced my knowledge and given the tools to reach there even though it's a starting point for me. It enables one to be meditative state while integrating with work, daily activities and the challenges in life. "

(Reeta Dabydoyal)

"It certainly taught me a few things which I have not experienced before."

(Lucy Cheah)

"This course has turned me around - the very thing I avoided most is what I needed to improve. An inner soul waiting to be discovered."

(Emma-Jane Watson)

"The course met my expectations entirely. It was great to see how you built one step on top of another. The pre-course/post-course are crucial in the step building. "

(Wayne Darling)

"It was a major contribution to me in improving my meditation practice. I would recommend the course to others because it is so wonderfully inspirational and is really helping me in my self-development. "

(Dave Virgo)

"I certainly have skills now which will develop with practice. The active meditations during work and social situations will be used in ways in which i hadn't considered as Meditation opportunities. I enjoyed the "fun" way of your presentation and with your good timing of short breaks we covered a great number of techniques without feeling worn out. Thank you for the course. "

(Joan Marshall)

"I appreciated the genuine and personal response by Jeremy to my pre-course questions. It helped to get to "know the teacher" before hand which to me was important and helped me look forward to the course. I especially benefited from the active-meditation and learning to connect with my energy sources at anytime. This should bring great healing and changes to anyone's life." "

(Jane Lamperd)

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