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Redesigning Your Energy Body
Meditation Course (Feb. 3-4, Fitzroy North)

In many meditation traditions, the aim is to be fully present in the moment. When we achieve this, life is vibrant, joyful and relaxing. It is full of deep connections with the world around us (be they people, places or things), and we have a clear sense of what we should be doing with our life.

Reiki Master Jeremy O'Carroll

We are in touch with our intuition, and as a result, make good decisions.

Unfortunately, for many people, it is impossible to ever fully enjoy the present moment. Instead, they experience the present moment through the filter of the past: past hurts, parts traumas, past stressors, unresolved anger or pain – all of which cloud our enjoyment of the moment we are living.

In practice, this often means we get 'triggered' by even small things, because they reignite old 'wounds' or memories.

You know what it is like: your partner or mother-in-law look at you in a 'certain' way, or use a certain tone of voice with you, and even though they mightn't mean anything by it, their look churns up emotions from the past that make your temper boil.

As a result, once positive relationships can become oppressive, and little things that shouldn't bother us become sources of great stress.

This is where the 'Redesigning Your Energy Body Meditation Course'' comes in. It teaches methods to clear our energy body of the negative energetic residue from the past that triggers such stress, and it teaches us to raise the vibration of our energy field so we can 'entrain it' to success.

One of the challenges so many people face is that they try to change the way they think, they try to focus on the positive and free themselves of negative self-talk, but since they don't change the underlying energetic structure of their energy body, the root causes of negative programming and emotions are never eliminated.

As a result, we can know what we should be doing, but still not do it. We can work hard on 'improving' ourselves, but still not see the positive changes we are looking for.

Redesigning Your Energy Body Meditation Course works directly on our energy body, helping us to make changes on the most fundamental of levels – our energy field. As a result, we will enjoy positive shifts without needing to disentangle ourselves from the mind, its beliefs and the stories it spins.

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Upcoming Redesigning Your Energy Body
Meditation Course - Feb. 3-4

Redesigning Your Energy Body Med. Course

Feb. 3-4


Investment : $430

(Course Full)

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(Note: While participants are welcome to sit on the floor, we provide chairs since this is more comfortable for most people.)

In the course we work to:

  • 1.Clear and heal our energy field (including our auric field). This part of the course helps us clear general blocks in our energy field that make it hard for energy to flow freely through our meridians (energy channels). These blocks pollute our energy field, lower our energy vibration, and decrease our emotional balance. Once we clear them, you'll feel a buoyant sense of wellbeing, a lightness and positivity that will help you to savour the joy of each day.

  • 2.Clear hurts, traumas and emotional blockages. In this section, you will learn several methods to energetically 'erase' past pains, traumas and hurts. You will also learn how to dissolve negative emotions and forgive even those people who have done you wrong. For many people, learning to forgive is a key to powerful healing and increased wellbeing.

  • 3.Discover Self-Love. A lot of our troubles in life arise both because we find ourselves unlovable, and because we feel we are 'not enough'. This is typically the result of deep unconscious programming (by parents, friends and society) that causes us to beat ourselves up for what we haven't done or achieved. We beat ourselves up for the 'wrongs' we believe we have done, and we feel that on a fundamental level we are not worthy of love. As such, we continue to try to prove ourselves through our actions, but no matter what we do, a hollowness still remains.
        In this part, we practice meditations that help connect you to your 'inner essence', the place where you understand on an experiential level that you are whole, that you are enough just as you are. We will also practice meditations that help you to cultivate self-love.
        In life, we often self-sabotage because on an unconscious level we don't feel we deserve success. Discovering both self-love and a feeling that we are 'enough' is often the key to creating the life we dream of. This is not a thing of the mind, however (even if your thought patterns on 'worthiness' will shift). It is a shift in the way you feel about yourself deep down in your core (i.e. energy body).

  • 4.Create more success, eliminate fear, and find our higher purpose in life. If 'what you focus on grows', then it is important to focus on we want, rather than what we don't want. Often, however, we find ourselves focusing on our fears, something that repels our dreams. What's more, fear often stops us from living our dreams. It crushes them before we even get going because we doubt our chances of success. As a result, we procrastinate on our goals and never take any constructive action towards them.
         Even more insidious, often we have unconscious fears that get activated each time we approach success (in one of our goals). This seemingly makes no logical sense until we consider how often success takes us out of our comfort zone. This can be unnerving, even if this 'success' is precisely what our conscious mind is looking for.
        This part of the course uses a series of meditations to dissolve unconscious fears and blocks (that are trapped and stored in our energy body), and help connect us to the energy of our higher purpose and intuitive guidance. As a result, the meditations will help you break through psychological and emotional barriers and have greater success in whatever endeavour you choose.
  • 5.Become better healers. If you are a Reiki healer or the like, then the more energy you can channel through your body, the more powerful healer you will become. Unfortunately, most healers have energy blocks that clog their meridians and chakras, making it impossible for them to reach anything close to their maximum healing potential. By clearing your body of energy blocks, you'll discover that your healing sessions improve and client satisfaction shoots up.

As the name of the course suggests, it is about consciously recrafting or designing ourselves on our most fundamental level: that of our energy body.

When we clear blocks, when we free ourselves of negative programming, when we learn to raise our vibration and harness our energy field for success, then we are far better able to experience joy throughout our day.

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About the Instructor

Jeremy's classes are the fruit of over 25 years of daily meditation practice, and the many lessons he has learned studying from meditation masters in India, Thailand, Nepal and Australia. They are the culmination of years of deep personal practice, introspection and his experience teaching meditation over the last 13+ years.

He is the creator of two meditation courses (CBM Meditation and Foundations in Meditation) along with the Thinking Meditation Technique, and is the author of the Amazon best-selling book 'The Perfect Reiki Course – Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Course' and 'Full Speed', an inspirational novel about living an authentic life.

Part 1 - Clearing the Energy Field

  • Psychic aura sweep. Cleanse your aura with this technique and feel a lightness and wellbeing throughout your body. This is especially effective after a challenging day, particularly when you have been around negative people, places or energy.

  • Vipassana meditation. In this course, we study two types of Vipassana ('Insight') meditation. These meditations will clear the meridians (your body's energy channels), and get your chi flowing smoothly throughout your body, helping you to feel light, positive and buoyant.

  • Clearing the meridians meditations. We have an original 'forest walk' meditation and a special 'light tub' meditation. Both help to remove blocks in your energy field and aura and to raise your energy vibration.

  • Aura ball meditation. This is like psychic, auric t'ai chi. It improves your focus and concentration, as well as enabling you to heal and strengthen your auric field. They say that all illness begins in the aura before moving into the physical body. So if we can improve the health of our auric field, this will in turn improve our physical and emotional health.

  • Auric field meditations. We are surrounded by an energy field which is as much part of us as our physical body. These meditations help us expand and brighten the auric field, while at the same time strengthening our chakras.

Part 2 - Clear Past Hurts and Blocks

  • Dissolving trauma meditations. Trauma can be physical, emotional or mental. Most of us have some degree of scarring from the past. The trick is not to carry these things with us (in cellular memory) for the rest of our lives. With these meditations, we learn to dissolve the emotional charge of painful past incidents. As a result, we will typically feel lighter and more at peace than we have in years.

  • Recapitulation. This is a technique I've literally hundreds and hundreds (possibly thousands!) of hours practising. It is a way to reclaim any energy you lost interacting with others throughout your life, and it is a tool that lets you return whatever energy others lost interacting with you. If you are suffering from a relationship breakdown, troubled relationships with friends or family, or simply the negative memories of events that happened in your past, this is the tool you have been looking for! Practice with it, and on an emotional/psychological/energetic level, it will be as if these hurtful events never happened. You'll still remember them, of course, but they won't carry any emotional charge (or, at the very least, the charge will be dramatically reduced.).

  • Anger meditation. People often carry anger with them from past events. This is like poison in our body, and whether we are an innocent victim of a hurtful act or not, if we want to experience true inner wellbeing, we need to clear this 'poison' out of our system. These meditations will help you to dissolve these hurts.

  • Forgiveness meditation. For a lot of people, true healing can only take place after they learn to forgive others. This doesn't mean condoning what they have done, but it does mean letting go of the negative energy that gets trapped in your body when you are unable to forgive. Forgiveness helps you experience deep peace and wellbeing. It is essential if you wish to feel truly happy.

  • Metta meditations. Go beyond yourself and learn to share positive meditation energy and goodwill with these meditations. Discover how by helping to heal others, you often experience a similar healing inside yourself.
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Part 3 - The Art of Self-Love

  • Inner child meditation. A lot of our problems in life stem from a lack of self-love. We don't feel worthy of love. We feel guilty over past actions. We fail to live up to the expectations we (and, possibly others) place on ourselves. Our inner child meditations help you cultivate a deep love for yourself on your deepest level, for the various 'yous' from birth until the present moment. For many, this is a deeply cathartic experience. It is such a relief to feel at peace with yourself, to know – and more importantly, to feel – that you are in fact lovable, just as you are.

  • I'm Enough Meditation. Do you feel like you are truly enough? Most people, on a deep level, feel a deep sense of lack within themselves. They feel they are not enough and, as a result, live life trying to do and achieve things to prove to themselves that they are okay and 'worthy'. But the truth is that no amount of external actions can ever truly make you feel that you are enough. Instead, the inner knowing that you are fine just as you are needs to come from within. It comes when you connect to your radiant essence and understand that this is the ultimate good, that this connection can never be topped, and that you have it at your disposal whenever you tune into it.
        They say that 'you don' want to get to the top of the ladder only to realize it is leaning up against the wrong wall'. So often in life, we chase after 'false' dreams and goals. These are goals and dreams that are not in alignment with our true self. Rather they are goals and dreams we pursue to prove ourselves to other, to prove to ourselves that we are worthy of love and approval.
        When we already know that we are enough on a deep level, however, then we are free to pursue the goals and dreams that are true to us, the goals and dreams for which we incarnated on this planet.
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Part 4 - Meditations for Success

    Dissolving success blocks meditations. Have you ever wanted something badly, worked hard to achieve it, but still failed? If so, it is likely because some unconscious force or block is sabotaging your success. In the course, we will do meditations to locate these blocks (not intellectually, but where they are buried in our body), and then dissolve them. By removing conflicting energy (a part of us that wants something, and an unconscious part that fears it), we can then align all of our energies and have greater success.

    Money blocks meditation. Let's face it: a lot of us have issues with money. We feel that pursuing it isn't 'spiritual'. We feel we shouldn't charge for healings. We feel that money will corrupt us. We feel that making it is difficult. The typical spiritual practitioner has so many negative associations with money, all of which cause divided energy and make it hard to achieve material success. In this course, we will do meditations to help dissolve these blocks, thus helping you to have greater success (dare I use the cliched term, 'abudance'!).

    Higher purpose meditation. It's one thing to chase after success, another to chase after the right kind of success. No path is necessarily innately right or wrong, but a path can be right or wrong for you. In other words, you can live 'on purpose' or you can drift off purpose. Your purpose may change, grow or evolve throughout your life, but in each moment, the more we can live 'on purpose', the more fulfilled we will feel. So learning to tap into our 'purpose' is a critical skill. In fact, it is one of the first things we should strive to do: gett on purpose and then act. That is what this meditation will help you to do.

    Higher-Self meditation. Another way to help get 'on purpose' is to tune into your Higher Self. Our Higher Self meditation will help you achieve this. They will help you remember what it is you intended to do before incarnating in this life.

Drinks and Nibbles

If COVID restriction are over, participants will also receive complimentary tea (mostly herbal) and a selection healthy nibbles (nuts, apricots, chips and the like). If not, you will need to bring your own snacks!

Reiki Class Venue

Set on 100-acres by the side of state forest, our new centre is an ideal place to connect to healing energies and meditate. Watch the sunset from the course hall. Spy on the kangaroos from our deck. Take photos of the echidnas, cockatoos, wallabies, deer and other wildlife that often grace our property. With nature all around, you'll find it easy to relax, recharge, and expand your innate healing abilities.

Filled with light all year round, our elegant studio has a wood heater to snuggle up to in winter, an aircon to chill by in summer, and views to delight in whichever way you look. So from the moment you arrive, you'll be cocooned by soothing energy and ready to dive deep into your healing explorations.

In between Woodend and Daylesford, our centre is easy to find and only 65 minutes from Melbourne. It is also only fifteen minutes from Kyneton, Trentham and Malmsbury. So if you choose to make a weekend away of it, you'll find plenty of nearby accommodation venues.

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Redesigning Your Energy Body Meditation Course

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Our Level 1 course comes with a 100% no-strings-attached satisfaction guarantee.

We are so confident you will be delighted by what you learn that we will refund your investment should you be dissatisfied.

Simply tell us at the end of the final day of the course for a full refund.

Note: Since meditation and healing are a process, you need to see the course through to the end to get the refund.

(*Click here for cancellation / change of date policy)

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Redesigning Your Energy Body Meditation Course:

Venue: Melbourne

Feb. 3-4

Saturday & Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

Monthly Instalment Plan

Investment: $430

(Course Full)

Redesigning Your Energy Body Meditation Course:

Venue: Melbourne

Feb. 3-4

Saturday & Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

2 Monthly Instalment Plan

Investment: $430 (2 x monthly 215)

(Course Full)

Redesigning Your Energy Body Meditation Course:

Venue: Melbourne

Feb. 3-4

Saturday & Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

3 Monthly Instalment Plan

Investment: $430 (3 x monthly 143.34)

(Course Full)

Note: Please contact us if you would prefer to pay by electronic transfer rather than with credit card or if you wish to attend our course but have difficulty making the investment.

Meditation Course Refund Policy

Although we offer a full-refund satisfaction guarantee for those who attend our meditation courses, and are unhappy with them (hasn't happened yet!), we do not offer a refund if you change your mind about our class without attending it. If you give us a weeks' notice, however, we will be happy to give you credit for another class.

Meditation is an amazing tool. It is a gift. It is up to us to prioritize it in a busy life and make time for it, even when other things come up.

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