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Emotional Balance. Clearity. Increased Energy.

Om Reiki uses a unique fusion of traditional Japanese and modern Western Reiki techniques to provide healing that is simple, powerful and guaranteed to satisfy.

Our system works equally well on both physical and emotional issues, so whether you are suffering from stress, a sporting injury, illness or the pain of separating from a long-term partner, we can help.

Depending on the person, our Reiki can help in many ways. It can:

  • Increase energy
  • Heal illness
  • Accelerate injury recovery
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Create a state of deep relaxation
  • Dissolve difficult emotions
  • Reduce stress

Reiki is not magic, and serious issues will generally require more than one session; but in most cases you will experience positive effects right from the very beginning.

How a Healing Melbourne Reiki Session Works

Healing sessions last approximately 60-75 minutes (depending on the location) and begin with a brief discussion of any issues that are troubling you.

After that the healing session proper begins. It is divided up into two main parts:

  • 1. Realignment of the energy system (energy centres and energy channels), clearing out energy blockages and recharging depleted areas.
  • 2. Intense work on any specific area that is troubling you.

Both parts are necessary, because the root cause of an illness is often not what it would seem. Shoulder pain, for instance, might be caused by a problem with you lower back; while tooth decay might arise due to energy issues in your lower chakras (energy centres).

Giving the entire body an energetic workover is often therefore the best way to fix even issues that seems to reside in a very specific area.

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Intuitive Reiki Healing

Like the Energy Tune-Ups, we use intuition to guide our healing sessions.

It is important to use intuition because each situation is different. It therefore makes no sense to give every person the same treatment (something which many Reiki healers do!).

Final steps:

At the conclusion of the Reiki treatment we will briefly discuss any feelings or sensations that may have arisen during the treatment. A few suggestions will then be made regarding how to get the most from the Reiki healing session.

How Many Reiki Healing Sessions Should You Get?

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Brisbane Reiki Healing Sessions

Our Brisbane healing sessions are conducted by experienced Reiki Master Sapphire Neason.

To book a session or ask a question, call 0417 328 457.

Session length: 60 mins.

Reiki Session investment: $100

Note: We work some Saturdays and can often organize a 6 pm session on weekdays.

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