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Daylesford Reiki Courses

The Om Reiki Centre specializes in Daylesford Reiki courses for students who care about the quality and depth of their healing practice.

Our Reiki courses provide the most comprehensive and advanced Reiki training anywhere in Australia, offering a combination of features – high-tech aura scans, accompanying video portal, pre and post-course training, etc. – that no other course offers. (See below for full details.)

What's more, we teach all of the key elements of the traditional Japanese Reiki system – many of which are missing from the vast majority of Reiki courses today!

Our Reiki Course Instructors

Jeremy has studied with many famous Reiki teachers around the world, including in India, Thailand, Hawaii, mainland USA and Australia. Having trained over 300 Reiki Masters, he is what some would consider a 'teacher of teachers' (even if he always considers himself a student!), and he gets a lot of satisfaction seeing his students not only go on to forge professional healing careers, but also heal themselves, their families and friends with the skills they learned in his classes.

Reiki Master Jeremy O'Carroll

Previously, he was a lecturer and tutor at the University of Melbourne. But, as much as he enjoyed it, it was a touch dull compared to working with the magical, mysterious world of energy, Reiki and healing!

He loves exploring ideas, and is the author of over 100 Reiki articles and one Reiki book: 'The Perfect Reiki Course – Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Class'.

He has also written three novels: Full Speed, The Slob's Guide to the Perfect Job, and The Call of the Silver Cockatoo – novels about finding your true self amid the pressures and expectations of everyday life.

So if you want to check out these books and get an even better feel for his style, click on the links above.

Perfect Reiki Course Cover

If you are lucky enough to take a course run by the super-experienced Reiki Master Greg Riddell, than you'll be pleased to know that he not only has two decades of personal Reiki experience, he has also studied with world class teachers, including renowned Japanese Reiki experts Frans Stiene and Hyakuten Inamoto.

He has been our centre's head Melbourne Reiki healer for over a decade, and is much loved both for the clarity of his teaching and his ability to cultivate his students' innate healing potential.

Reiki Master Jeremy O'Carroll

He is also an expert in immediately putting everyone at ease and building group energy. As a result, his students typically absorb and embody his teaching faster than they ever imagined possible.

So whether you learn with Greg or me, you know you'll not only be learning from some of the most experienced Reiki teachers in the country, but also getting the complete, 'unabridged,' traditional Japanese Reiki training.

In recognition of the quality of our courses, the Om Reiki Centre has recently been awarded 'Best Reiki Practice 2019 - Victoria and NSW' in the GHP Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards.

More recently, the Om Reiki Centre was awarded LUXlife’s ‘Best Traditional Reiki Courses 2024 – Melbourne Award’.

Certificate for Best Reiki Centre in Victoria and New South Wales

Having taught thousands of students over the last 15+ years (and over 300 Reiki masters), we have seen Reiki positively impact countless lives, and are confident you will be blown away by how powerful it is. (To see what students say about Jeremy's courses, click here) .

Cherry Blossom for Healing Festival
Crane: symbol of healing and energy expansion
Tree Energy spiritual healing
Birds playing in trees
Crane: symbol of healing and energy expansion
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Upcoming Daylesford Reiki Courses

Reiki 2

Daylesford (Denver)


(Instructor: Jeremy O'Carroll)

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Investment : $430 (3 x monthly $143.34)

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Reiki 1

Daylesford (Denver)

Sept. 7-8

(Instructor: Greg Riddell)

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Investment : $430 (3 x monthly $143.34)

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Who Will Benefit from Our Daylesford Reiki 1 Courses?

Students of our Daylesford courses have found Reiki to help for:

  • Dealing with negative energy
  • Healing health issues
  • Greater emotional balance
  • Increased energy and clarity
  • Healthy chakras
  • Higher quality meditation
  • Eliminating stress
  • Improving overall wellbeing

Our courses are also ideal for anyone who is susceptible to the 'negative energy' of people, places and spirits.

Through a series of classical Japanese meditations, we teach you how to 'protect yourself' by strengthening the 'hara', one of your body's key energy centres.

To find out how this works and why most 'protection methods' fail, click here.

Cherry Blossom for Healing Festival
Healing Fern

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki uses a special form of 'ki' (Japanese for Qi or energy) to rebalance and then charge the body's energy system. It doesn't heal the body itself, rather it gives the body the resources needed to do so.

With regular practice, many Reiki healers feel happier, healthier, more productive and better able to deal with situations that would previously have caused large amounts of stress.

They also often report feeling mentally clearer and better able to make decisions.

The Speed and Power of Reiki

To give you an idea of just how powerful Reiki is - and how quickly it can work – watch the 2-minute video below.

Using the centre's high-tech aura machine, the video shows what happens when the founder of Om Reiki – Jeremy O'Carroll – heals a client.

Note how in less than two minutes, the client's chakras and energy system improve dramatically.

Why Our Courses are Different

One reason that many Reiki courses fail to get optimum results is that they lack system and structure. This is particularly prevalent in Western Reiki lineages (i.e. those that have been part of Reiki's journey from Japan, to Hawaii to the rest of the world).

The reason for this is that many Reiki teachers have added techniques from other healing modalities. This has occurred over the last six decades and has resulted in much of what is currently called 'Reiki' having little or nothing to do with the original system.

That, of course, doesn't make these techniques bad. The problem is simply that the coherence of the original system has been lost. There are many valuable pieces, but they don't fit together in into a harmonious whole.

While the Om Reiki Centre teaches material (like the chakras) that was not part of the original system, the integrity of the original system is never lost. Where new information is taught, it is clearly highlighted, enabling students to get a better vision of why things were originally taught as they were and why - occasionally - it might benefit them to incorporate additional techniques into their practice.

The result of this is that they experience a system where each piece complements the other and they have a steady experience of energetic progress.

Meditation tree

In particular, our courses cover the five pillars (or diamonds) of the Japanese system:

  • Reiki attunements (energy ceremonies that connect students to the Reiki energy.
  • Meditation techniques that refine and strengthen a student's connection to energy.
  • Reiki healing which enables students to use energy to heal themselves and others
  • Mantras and symbols (only introduced in level 2) that help students strengthen their connection to certain forms of Reiki energy.
  • Reiki precepts or principles that promote a healthy energetic system, facilitate powerful cleansing and provide a philosophical and spiritual backdrop to Reiki practice.

(To find out why most Reiki courses are missing up to 50% of the original Japanese Reiki system, click here.

To read precise details on how our level 1 Reiki course is put together, visit our 7-step program web page.

To learn more about the origin of the Om Reiki Centre and its mission, visit the About Us page.

Small Inverted cherry blossom to decorate Reiki course studio
Tree Energy spiritual healing
Bamboo - a typical symbol of healing meditation
Birds playing in trees
Crane: symbol of healing and energy expansion
Bamboo Bird Reiki Music

Reiki Goes High Tech with Our State-of-the-Art Aura Machine

Our Reiki courses all use the most advanced (and expensive!) aura camera that we know of to provide a deeper understanding and analysis of all students’ energy data.

The aura camera gathers information on your:

  • - Auric field
  • - 7 chakras
  • - Yin/yang balance
  • - Mind/body/spirit balance
  • - Emotional/energetic calmness
  • - Energy levels and,
  • - Relaxation levels

It then summarizes your basic energy type and gives you a comprehensive written analysis of your strengths, challenges and opportunities.

(Please note that the aura machine unfortunately won’t be available on Feb. 10-11 due to mechanical issues. Participants are welcome to get an aura scan, however, at any of our other events [including the Reiki practice nights].)

The Comprehensive Reiki Course

One of the major reasons many Reiki students fail to continue with their practice in the years following a course is that they are given little - or no! - structure or guidance after it.

As a result, their Reiki becomes a little like most gym memberships: it's used and enjoyed for a short burst of time but is then forgotten about the moment life grows busy.

To ensure students get consistent, long-term benefits from their course, the Om Reiki Centre is dedicated to supporting students well beyond its conclusion. In fact, it even offers pre-course material to energetically prepare students for the weekend.

Reiki and Crystals

While not part of the traditional Japanese Reiki system, crystals can nevertheless be used to complement (and strengthen) Reiki healing.

During our Level 1 Reiki courses, we include a bonus section on cleansing crystals, meditating with crystals, and using them with Reiki for powerful healing.

At our course, we have a large selection of crystals which you can use throughout the weekend, and we will let you know which crystals will be most useful to you based on your energetic strengths and weaknesses.

Om Reiki Pre and post-Course Program

When Jeremy first started teaching Reiki 10 years ago, he taught Reiki as he had been taught. This meant that students did pretty well what they did everywhere else: they rocked up for the course, attended it and then said 'ciao'!

Nowadays it seems crazy to teach like this, but this is what almost everyone – even to this day – still does.

They run a course over two days – we hope! – and that's that. Students are not primed before the course to help them get the most out of it, and they are not guided afterwards (to ensure mastery and follow through of the techniques learned).

This means that even though almost everyone enjoys whichever Reiki course they take, most students don't get nearly as much out of it as they could.

Perhaps in part due to his background in teaching (Jeremy lectured and tutored at the University of Melbourne), and in part due to experience, Jeremy soon realized that students needed a lot more support to extract the maximum from his course.

As a result, he introduced both some pre-course exercises and a post-course 21-day program.

The pre-course work is simple to do, and includes two important meditation practices (with video instructions and downloadable audio files) as well as general information on how best to prepare for your course.

The meditations can easily be done by anyone – even students who haven't practised meditation before – and they will ensure you are energetically ready to get the most out of your weekend.

The post-course 21-day program is done principally via email, and involves us sending you daily emails with techniques to practice, and further information to deepen everything you have learned.

With thousands of students going through Om Reiki and ten years of experience, we know the likely challenges you will face post-course, and this 21-day program is designed to not just help you overcome these but also develop real confidence in everything you have learned.

Japanese Reiki Cherry Blossom
Birds playing in trees
Healing Fern
Tree Energy spiritual healing

Om Reiki Video Portal

Although you sometimes see Reiki being taught online, the truth is you do need to learn it in person (surprise, surprise!).

That said, there is no doubt that once you have attended a course, online video support can help a lot.

To make sure students can both remember and go over material taught (and, quite often, even extend it!), we have developed a beautifully presented and detailed Level 1 video portal which you can access on both your desktop and mobile devices.

The video portal includes instructional videos on pre-course work, post-course work, as well as all typical challenges students are likely to encounter.

The portal also includes bonus Reiki articles, mind maps, and downloadable meditations (so you can go over the meditations we did in the course).

It is a unique feature of our courses that helps take your Reiki to a deeper level.

To get an idea of how our video portals work, you can sign up for our free introductory portal 'Everything You Need to Know About Reiki'.

It has videos on all of the commonly asked Reiki questions, and will show you the quality of our video portal platforms.

To sign up, click here.

(Note: None of the videos shown in the Level 1 portal are found in this introductory portal).

Birds in trees provide healing music
Bamboo leaves
Healing Fern
Tree Energy spiritual healing

Post-Course Phone and Email Support

Sometimes you have a unique question/situation that isn't covered in any of our teaching materials. If this is the case, then we're happy to answer your questions – no matter how silly or weird you think they might be!– via email or phone.

Simply call us on 1300 853 356, or write to us at

Reiki Practice Nights

We have been holding regular monthly practice nights in Fitzroy North for almost ten years now. They are the perfect place for you to continue with your Reiki practice, learn new meditation and Reiki healing techniques, ask questions and make friends with like-minded people.

With 1600+ people in our group and a 5-star rating, we are most likely Australia's largest and most trusted group of its kind.

Course Contents - Reiki Level 1 (Shoden Level)

Our Level 1 course (also known as 'shoden' level) helps students connect to Reiki energy. At its completion, students will:

  • Be able to use Reiki to heal both themselves and others
  • Know all key hand positions and how they help you increase the power of your healing sessions.
  • Have an understanding of the 5 Reiki precepts and how they can help you overcome past hurt and energy blocks.
  • Have practised several meditation methods - like breathing into the 'hara' (an energy centre below the navel) - for increasing the flow of chi and strengthening healing.
  • Know how to smooth the aura and cleanse the body of energetic impurities.
  • Have a basic understanding of the chakra system, how it effects our wellbeing and how Reiki can strengthen it.
  • Learn to use crystals with Reiki
  • Learn techniques for developing intuition when healing with Reiki.


All courses at the Om Reiki Centre are recognised by the ARC - Australia's leading Reiki association - and the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals.

Our certificates will also be recognised by all traditional Reiki associations around the world

This is important to anyone who is considering becoming a Reiki practitioner or using Reiki as part of an already established healing modality.

Bamboo - a typical symbol of healing meditation
Cherry Blossom for Healing Festival
Birds in trees provide healing music
Crane: symbol of healing and energy expansion

Reiki Course Manual

Sad to say, but in most of the Reiki courses Jeremy O'Carroll attended, the manuals he received were little better than a collection of plagiarized photocopies!

Om Reiki Course Manual

Taken from a multitude of sources, these materials hardly fit together, making them of scant value.

To ensure the Om Reiki Centre didn't fall into this trap, he has created a high quality, 70-page original manual that covers all of the course information in a logical, coherent, and step-by-step manner.

As a result, you will never be left struggling to recall any of the key concepts that we teach. It is all there in precise detail.

The manual is the fruit of many years' experience and research and will prove a great reference tool for any personal or professional Reiki work that you go on to do.

Reiki Class Venue

Set on 100-acres by the side of state forest, our new centre is an ideal place to connect to healing energies and meditate. Watch the sunset from the course hall. Spy on the kangaroos from our deck. Take photos of the echidnas, cockatoos, wallabies, deer and other wildlife that often grace our property. With nature all around, you'll find it easy to relax, recharge, and expand your innate healing abilities.

Filled with light all year round, our elegant studio has a wood heater to snuggle up to in winter, an aircon to chill by in summer, and views to delight in whichever way you look. So from the moment you arrive, you'll be cocooned by soothing energy and ready to dive deep into your healing explorations.

In between Woodend and Daylesford, our centre is easy to find and only 65 minutes from Melbourne. It is also only fifteen minutes from Kyneton, Trentham and Malmsbury. So if you choose to make a weekend away of it, you'll find plenty of nearby accommodation venues.

Forest 2

Course Accommodation

If you need accommodation for the retreat, please download our accommodation flyer. It will give you several good options to make your weekend away a delight!

Japanese Reiki Cherry Blossom
Crane for healing energy expansion flying left
Tree Energy spiritual healing
Small Inverted cherry blossom to decorate Reiki course studio
Reiki healing amid bamboos?
Crane for healing energy expansion flying left
Pink cherry blossom to decorate Reiki healing room

Next Daylesford Level 1 Course

Reiki Course Satisfaction Guarantee logo

Our Level 1 course comes with a 100% no-strings-attached satisfaction guarantee.

We are so confident you will be delighted by what you learn that we will refund your entire investment should you be dissatisfied.

Simply tell us that you are unhappy at the conclusion of the course, work through our fun, free and easy-to-do 21 day post-curse e-program and, if you still don't feel you have received great value, write to us or call within the next two weeks for an immediate and cheerful refund.

To enrol, simply click on the 'Add to Cart' button below.

(*Click here for cancellation / change of date policy)

Bamboo Bird Reiki Music
Tree Energy spiritual healing

Reiki 2 Course

Daylesford (Denver)


(Instructor: Jeremy O'Carroll)

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Investment : $490 (3 x monthly $163.34)

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Reiki 1 Course

Daylesford (Denver)

Sept. 7-8

(Instructor: Greg Riddell)

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Investment : $430 (3 x monthly $143.34)

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Note: Please contact us if you wish to attend our course but have difficulty making the investment.

More 2024 Daylesford (Denver) Courses

Reiki Level 1 Course Sept 7-8 (2024)

For more information, please contact the Om Reiki Centre.

Tel: 0417 328 457


For details of our upcoming level 2 course, see our Level 2 course homepage.

Reiki Courses Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds for our courses, but if you give us ten day's notice, we will be happy to alter the date of your course on one occasion. Subsequent changes wil incur a $100 change-of-date fee.

Changing dates 10 days or less before a course will incur a $100 change of date fee.

These rules help us to offer students the most comprehensive Reiki courses available and ensure that we can afford to supply things like our video portal and e-courses free of charge.

Due to the size of our courses, late date changes can cause a business like ours a lot of stress. Policies like this therefore enable us to offer you a more complete, professional service.

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