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Why Most Reiki Students Only Learn 50% of the Original System

Amazingly, the vast majority of Reiki courses today are missing up to 50% of the original Usui Reiki system.

Even more worrying is the fact that most teachers have no idea this is the case!

This sounds like a crazy suggestion, but if we consider the five Reiki pillars it makes simple sense.


Well, to begin with, very few courses today teach the original Reiki meditations. Yes, Reiki teachers do tend to either encourage or teach meditation in their courses, but they don't teach the original Japanese meditations, the ones the truly complement the rest of the Reiki system.

As a result, many students not only find it hard to stay grounded when doing healing work, they also become vulnerable to negative energies.

The original Usui Reiki system, however, teaches you meditations that anchor you to the 'hara' (an energy centre just below the navel), something that not only protects you from negative energy but also fosters deep emotional stability.

Next, despite Usui instructing all of his students to meditate on the Reiki precepts twice daily, most courses do little but talk about the precepts.

Unfortunately, since there is a huge gap between theory and practice, this tends to be rather ineffective.

Instead, to really integrate the wisdom of the precepts, Usui taught students to meditate on them. This enabled them to connect with the essence of the precepts on an unconscious level and, as a result, clear energy blocks that the Reiki hands-on healing alone couldn't effectively deal with.

Finally, most teachers are confused about the Reiki mantras - something that gets taught in level 2 Reiki. They believe that the Reiki mantras are the names of the symbols - something that is far from the truth.

Instead, the Reiki mantras are very special sound combinations that are designed to work on the body's major energy centres. Each sound has a unique energy frequency that balances and strengthens the chakras - sounds that are very different from the symbol names.

These mantras are so powerful that - when done right - many Reiki students find they totally transform the way they connect to energy.

So when you take away the meditations, precepts and symbols, you end up with a Reiki system that is missing half of its ingredients!

Not surprisingly, much of its depth and effectiveness is lost as a result.

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