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Reiki Healing

What can a healing session do?

A healing session can help people in many ways, both physically and emotionally. It does this principally by balancing and replenishing energy in the body. It also works to clear (energetic) blockages that stifle the free flow of energy in our system.

When our energy is high and balanced our body can more easily heal itself of physical and emotional issues.

Common benefits of a session might include:

  • A feeling of deep relaxation
  • A sense of overall wellbeing – even for people who come for emotional issues.
  • An improvement in a physical condition or illness
  • Insight and clarity into issues you are working on
  • An increase in energy

Naturally, no result can ever be predicted with certainty; but most people feel a very tangible ‘benefit’ after a session, even if it is not one they originally anticipated or hoped for.

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Is Reiki like massage?

While both Reiki and massage can help you relax, they are quite different. To begin with, Reiki only involves very light touch. In fact, if you would prefer – or if a sensitive area is involved – a Reiki practitioner will actually hover over an area rather than touch it. This is equally as effective as touching the area.

Next, Reiki works by working on the body’s ‘energetic system’. It rebalances and charges the body so that it can more easily heal itself. Since what we think and feel is, to a large degree, dependent on our energetic state, when our energy improves we not only feel happier, we also have greater clarity.

Will I need to take off my clothes?

No. Reiki energy can easily travel through clothing. As such, the only recommendation is to wear something you will feel comfortable lying in for a healing session.

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Can Reiki heal chronic illnesses?

No Reiki healer is in the position to promise healing. Firstly, under current medical laws this would be illegal; second, no one can ever be certain how Reiki will work.

What most people find, however, is that after a session there is a tangible improvement somewhere. This may be emotional. This may be physical. It might be a combination of the two. At the Om Reiki Centre we guarantee a benefit – but we (like all other Reiki healers) can never promise what that benefit will be.

How long is a Reiki session?

Om Reiki healing sessions last for approximately 75 minutes. This time involves ‘talk time’ both before and after hands on healing. The actual ‘hands on’ component lasts for 50-60 minutes.

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What will I feel during a Reiki session?

Everyone experiences different things. Common ‘sensations’ are:

  • heat
  • Tingling
  • ‘Electrical’ currents
  • Body twitches
  • Stomach rumbling
  • Deep relaxation
  • Visual experiences – such as images and colors
  • Short pains (these are a good sign, indicating that healing is taking place)
  • Altered states

Remember that while many of these sensations are pleasurable, the important thing is what you take away from a healing session, i.e. that there is a more lasting benefit than simply an immediate sensation.

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How long will I need to wait before seeing positive results?

Many people experience positive results right away. Others, however, feel the benefits more fully 1-3 days after a healing session. It is very rare for someone not to be aware of any benefit at all.

How many healing sessions will I need?

The amount of healing sessions needed will depend on several factors. Some people simply want to experiment with Reiki, relax or get an energetic boost. They don’t have anything in particular they wish to work on. In such cases, one session works fine.

If you have a particular emotional or physical issue you want to work on, then good results will often be achieved with 1-4 healing sessions. The number of sessions will depend on the severity (or complexity) of the issue.

Remember that most acute issues (i.e. ones that have only been around for a short period of time) respond rapidly to Reiki, while chronic issues can take much longer.

If you have a serious medical condition, for instance, then you will most likely need many healing sessions (often more than four) and no promises can ever be made regarding a final result.

What you should find, however, is that even if the medical condition itself doesn’t noticeably improve, you will nevertheless still receive many observable benefits from the sessions (for instance, more energy, greater clarity & a brighter emotional state).

For anyone who wishes to overcome a serious issue, a Reiki course in conjunction with healing sessions is often the best solution. Having learned Reiki, you will then be in a position to work on yourself every day. In such a manner, many people experience gradual but consistent progress.

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Reiki Courses

How many levels are there in the Reiki system?

Today there are three levels: Reiki level 1, Reiki level 2 and Reiki level 3 (Master Level).

Some people divide the Master Level up into parts 3a and 3b. At the Om Reiki Centre we take the more traditional approach and teach 3a and 3b together in one course.

Interestingly, most people believe that the original system Usui (the Reiki founder) taught consisted of six levels. Very few people teach this level structure today, however, not even in Japan.

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How long do I have to wait between Reiki levels?

As a general rule of thumb, you should wait a minimum of 1-2 months between level 1 and level 2, and a minimum of one year from level 2 to Master Level.

Naturally, more important than the timeframe is the amount of time a student has practised. One hour every day for one month is worth more than half an hour every week for a year.

For a much fuller discussion of this topic, please see our article ‘Reiki Levels, Getting the Timing Right’.

How long does a course last?

Our level 1 and 2 courses are both held over two full days. Our Master Level is held over three days.

All courses involve post-course support. Om Reiki students can write or call in with questions. All levels have unique 21-day e-programs. These programs are designed to consolidate everything taught in the courses as well as provide additional information not covered in the course manuals.

Melbourne students can also attend monthly Reiki practise evenings.

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Will I learn Reiki in just one weekend?

Unlike most disciplines, Reiki is quick and easy to learn. At the end of a Level 1 courses, you will feel confident in your ability to use Reiki.

The reason Reiki can be learned so quickly is because it is an innate skill. In other words, you already have the ability to do Reiki, it’s just that the ‘system’ hasn’t been put into operation.

Think of it like a gas water heater. The heater can be fully operational, but unless someone lights the pilot light it can’t heat the water.

Reiki courses – in particular the Reiki attunements (energy ceremonies) – connect students to the Reiki ‘pilot light’. After that, everyone can heal.

(Click here to see what our students are saying.)

Reiki healing amid bamboos?

How many attunements should a Level 1 course have?

The Om Reiki Centre has one attunements for level 1. This is all you need.

Will I learn meditation at a Reiki course?

While Reiki courses are not meditation courses, meditation is still part of the original Reiki system taught by its founder, Mikao Usui. As such, each Om Reiki course teaches meditations that are designed strengthen one’s ability to channel Reiki energy.

If a course neglects meditation practices, students will find it more difficult to become effective ‘Reiki channels’.

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How is Reiki different to Meditation?

In some ways Reiki and meditation are similar, since they help us to access a deep part within ourselves. While the traditional practice of Reiki does involve meditations, however, there are nevertheless important differences.

Firstly, the healing component of Reiki is far easier to learn than traditional meditation. Students only require a weekend course to be able to effectively channel Reiki energy. Naturally, the ability to channel energy will improve with practice; but most students are surprised by the strength of their Reiki at the end of a level 1 course.

Next, you can easily do Reiki healing in ‘non-meditative’ situations. For instance, you can give yourself Reiki while watching TV, standing in a queue or sitting on a tram. Naturally, you won’t be in a state of deep meditation; but the Reiki energy can still flow very strongly.

Learning Reiki also has the distinct advantage over traditional meditation in that you can share (use it) with others. In that way, even ‘non-believers’ can taste the benefits of your Reiki practice.

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Reiki healing amid bamboos?
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