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A Step-By-Step System to Reiki Mastery

Our Melbourne Reiki courses have a unique 7-step learning process that guarantees both powerful and long-lasting results. Each step works hand in hand with the ones before it to seamlessly guide students from pre-course preparation to post-course consolidation and expertise.

As a result, students will not only be fully prepared when they arrive at a course, they will also have all the tools needed to continue to develop their skills after it.

Step 1 - The Pre-Course

Reiki is all about energy, and a level 1 course teaches you to connect to energy in a very concrete manner.

Everyone can learn to channel Reiki energy and you don't need to be gifted at healing to be successful at it.

You also don't need to have practised meditation in a Himalayan cave for the past ten years to be ready to learn.

That said, if you do a small amount of preparation to get yourself into the right 'energetic state', then you will definitely have a richer experience at the course.

Athletes stretch before exercising. Musicians and singers warm up for a concert with scales and vocal exercises. Performers of all varieties visualize how an event is going to turn out before they attend it. Because everyone, everywhere, knows that if you ready yourself for something, you will almost always get a better result than just diving in cold.

And yet that is what pretty well every Reiki course will have you do. They give you a date, they give you a time - and then simply tell you to be there.

As a result, students don't know what to expect and they can't prepare themselves properly.

That's why Jeremy O'Carroll (Melbourne Reiki course instructor and founder of Om Reiki), has developed a simple pre-course program to ensure that students will be energetically ready and receptive to everything they learn at the course.

The pre-course is easy to do, short, and won't take up much time. Yet it consistently helps students not only get more from their level 1 weekend, but also experience positive energetics shifts even before the course begins.

The pre-course involves a couple of short instructional videos and two guided meditations that you can either listen to on the Om Video and Articles Portal or by playing them on your phone, tablet or other similar device.

The first meditation helps you clear the energy channels in your body (typically called 'meridians') and the second meditation helps you strengthen the 'hara', a key energy centre located below the navel.

By simply practising these meditations a couple of times each, you ensure that you will get the most from the meditations and healing exercises taught at the course.

You will catch on more quickly to the techniques. You will go deeper into them.

In short, everything will just flow better.

Step 2 - Pre-Attunement Reiki Meditations

One of the amazing things about Reiki is that you can learn it in a single weekend (click here for related student comments).

And we're not talking about any vague, 'I hope I got it' kind of learning.

We're talking about a very tangible experience of being able to heal, of being able to feel energy (also known as 'qi' or 'ki') flow through you.

To be honest, when Jeremy first started teaching, he was a little worried that not everyone would truly 'get it'. But 1000+ students later, he has no doubt that Reiki works for everyone - without exceptions!

Better still, students learn to connect powerfully to energy on the very first day of the course.

This rapid learing is made possible through a process called an 'attunement' (a kind of energy ceremony).

In a way, an attunement can be likened to a Matrix download or, more accurately, an energy ceremony in which a teacher reawakens the innate healing ability of a student.

Since all students already have the ability to heal, all that is needed is the 'spark' to get it going.

That said, there are attunements and there are attunements, and if you want a rich and truly transformative experience, then you'll want to do more than just grab someone off the street, strap them in a chair and 'attune' them.

Do that and you most likely won't get the grandest results.

No, for an attunement to have the most profound impact on you, you will want to prepare for it. You will want to get into the right energetic state.

That is why Jeremy's Reiki courses always involve pre-attunement meditations. These meditations work in conjunction with the pre-course ones to get students into a highly receptive state - a state that ensures maximum energetic connectivity.

As a result, by the end of the first day of a course, students will already be getting excellent healing results - both on themselves and others.

Without the pre-course meditations, however, the attunements - while still working to some degree - will often be a let-down.

Step 3 - The Attunement

As mentioned, the Reiki attunement is a kind of 'energy ceremony' that connects you to your natural healing ability.

To help you understand what's going on, imagine a gas hot water heating system with the pilot light off.

Now imagine the hot water heating system is you, the match that is going to light the pilot light the attunement.

You can have the fanciest, top-of-the-range gas hot water heating system, but if the pilot light isn't lit, you still don't get any hot water.

Which is why you need the match. Small. Cheap. Seemingly inconsequential. But just try doing without it!

And that's what it is like for most people. They have the innate machinery to heal themselves and others, they just don't know how to get the 'pilot light' going.

The moment the light is lit, however, the, moment they get their attunement, then their natural healing powers immediately start to flow and produce amazing results - results you wouldn't believe unless you had experienced them.

For many people, Jeremy's attunements are a deeply spiritual experience. Students often see colors and light, go into deep meditative states, experience strong energy flowing through their body, and sometimes even connect to guides.

These experiences are possible due to the pre-attunement preparation, the attunement process itself, and Jeremy's vast Reiki experience.

Step 4 - Hands-On Healing

The first morning of the first day of Jeremy's Melbourne Reiki course is spent doing the pre-course meditations and the attunement. From the afternoon of the first day onwards, students learn to use Reiki energy to heal both themselves and others.

In this part of the course, you will learn more about what Reiki is, how it works, and what to do to get the most effective healing results.

Jeremy will cover all of the key Reiki healing positions - positions that, other things being equal, produce the most potent results - and he will teach you all of the essential to do with the 7 standard chakras, your body's 2 other key energy centres, as well as the critical importance of some of your body's major organs, like the liver and kidneys.

You will also learn when to use these Reiki healing positions and when to follow your inner guidance.

Jeremy also teaches several little known, but amazingly effective, hand positions that make use of your body's minor chakras and acupressure points.

All of the hands-on (and hands-off) healing you learn can immediately be put into practice, and by the end of the Reiki course you will have no doubt of your ability to heal both yourself and others.

Step 5 - Increasing Energy and Healing Specific Issues with the Reiki Precepts

The Reiki precepts are the philosophical wisdom behind the Reiki system.

They are similar to affirmations and provide insight into many areas of our daily life where we typically waste energy and weaken ourselves (for instance, by getting angry and worrying about things).

They also explore ways to raise our energy vibration by creating vibrational resonance with 'compassion', 'love' and other uplifting feelings.

Interestingly, the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, taught his students the Reiki meditations and precepts before he taught them hands-on healing.

For him, the meditations and precepts were actually more foundational to his healing system than the hands-on healing.

Unfortunately, when Reiki made the move from Japan to the West (in the late 1930s), much of the original system got lost.

As a result, the original Japanese Reiki meditations were not taught and, although the Reiki precepts did get a mention, it was more in passing than anything else.

And even when time was devoted to the Reiki precepts, this time was usually spent engaged in abstract, theoretical discussions, rather than using the precepts to raise energy vibration levels and heal specific issues - the second major use for the Reiki precepts.

In fact, when used correctly, the Reiki precepts can often successfully heal issues that hands-on healing alone won't heal.

It actually took Jeremy thousands of hours of Reiki practice and teaching to fully appreciate the importance of using the precepts for healing work, because none of his many teachers used them for this purpose.

It was only after many years of seeing traditional Reiki hands-on healing regularly fail to heal specific issues (like the loss of a child, a divorce or an incredibly irritating work colleague or boss) that Jeremy came to fully appreciate the precepts' importance to healing.

To make this clearer, while it might take traditional hands-on healing years to help you get over a loved one leaving you, a few hours' work with the precepts will often see you through the worst of the pain.

This can be startling to those who have not used precepts in this way, but once you have, they will immediately become your 'go-to' tool for healing specific emotional issues.

Step 6 - Learning to 'Protect' Yourself from 'Negative' Energy

Given that you are reading this webpage, chances are high that you are more sensitive to energy than the average person. This is a blessing because it will make you a better healer, but a curse because you will also be more susceptible to 'negative energy'.

You might run into this negative energy at work, in Melbourne's CBD, when dealing with an angry or unsettled person, at a house or location that just doesn't 'feel right'.

In all of these situations and places, you may find yourself being more adversely affected than the average person. While they mightn't feel much, you could easily walk away feeling 'slimed' - feeling as though you've just been drained of energy.

Typically, healing courses teach students various techniques for protecting themselves from negative energy, like surrounding yourself in white light or imagining a giant mirror in front of you that reflects back the negative energy.

The problem with all of these techniques, however, is that they seldom work.


Because they get you to focus on what you fear - the negative place, person or situation.

But since what you focus on grows, the thing you are defending yourself from grows along with your protective 'shield'.

That is why the people who have the most elaborate defence strategies so often still end up getting affected by negative energy.

As a result of this, many gifted healers shut down their abilities. They know this isn't an ideal solution to their problem, but better that than being constantly drained by their environment.

Creating an Energetic Foundation Rather than a 'Shield'

The best way to overcome the issue of 'energetic sensitivity' is to create a solid energetic foundation.

If you create a solid energetic foundation, then you are like the mountain in the face of a storm. It watches it calmly, without fear, knowing that nothing the storm can throw at it can harm it.

The mountain is too strong, too solid.

Usui, the founder of Reiki, understood this. That is why he taught several key meditations to strengthen the hara, an energy centre typically found 3-5 centimetres below the navel.

Connecting to this energy centre has a grounding effect. It serves to create an energetic foundation upon which you can build the rest of your energy practice.

If the roots are shallow, however, then the moment the weather grows rough, the tree will topple.

Through his Melbourne Level 1 Reiki course, Jeremy will teach you a series of techniques to strengthen your hara and, as a result, create a very solid energetic foundation.

As a result, you will find yourself growing less and less affected by negative energy, while still remaining energetically open and able to use the healing and psychic gifts you were born with.

Step 7 - Consolidating What You Learn

One of the major reasons many students fail to get the most from a Reiki course is that they are given little - or no! - structure or guidance after it.

As a result, they never fully consolidate and develop the skills they have learned.

Not surprisingly, for these students Reiki often becomes like a typical gym membership: it's used and enjoyed for a short burst of time but is then forgotten about the moment life grows busy.

To ensure students get consistent, long-term benefits from their course, Jeremy is dedicated to supporting them well beyond it's conclusion.

Post-course support for Jeremy's Melbourne Reiki courses begins with his 21-day post-course e-course.

Through a series of daily emails, the e-course outlines the most strategic and beneficial ways to practise and develop everything you have learned in a course.

It also adds additional information and ideas not covered in either the course or the Reiki manual.

Students consistently write in to say just how valuable this e-course is in helping them get the most out of everything they learned, and it is one reason why Jeremy's level 2 Reiki courses almost always fill up well ahead of time.

Jeremy also runs what is most likely Melbourne's biggest monthly Reiki share group. At this group, his students have the chance to directly ask him any questions relating to their Reiki practice as well learn new meditation and Reiki techniques.

Finally, all of Jeremy's students are welcome to call or write to him after a course. This can be particularly valuable since, due to his experience, it sometimes only takes a few words to help shift even issues that have been troubling you for some time.

Finally, all of Jeremy's students are welcome to call or write to him after a course. This can be particularly valuable since, due to his experience, it sometimes only takes a few words to help shift even issues that have been troubling you for some time.

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