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Heal and Strengthen Your Chakras

The chakras are the body’s main energy centres – their name deriving from a Sanskrit term meaning ‘wheel’.

I like to see them as our body’s ‘power stations’. Day and night they fuel us with chi energy – energy that is pumped through our meridians (energy channels) into our physical and energy bodies.

The chakras draw in healing energy from outside the body and release any energy the body does not need. So they are constantly recharging and cleansing us. Not surprisingly, therefore, their good health is critical to our physical and emotional wellbeing.

There are many different chakra systems, but most standard ones recognise seven main chakras inside the body. Learning to give Reiki to these chakras is a powerful way to not only charge yourself with incredible amounts of energy, but also to connect to your Higher Self.

How Reiki Helps Heal and Strengthen Chakras

A lot of people choose to learn Reiki (or see a Reiki practitioner) in order to heal what they feel is a 'blocked' chakra.

Actually, it's never a good idea to talk about 'blocked' chakras, as this draws our attention to the 'problem' rather than the solution. Since what you focus on grows, many health practitioners actually do their clients a great disservice by telling them they have a blocked chakra. This typically only serves to make the situation worse!

Fortunately, it is easy to bring chakras back into healthy alignment with Reiki. To do so, a Reiki practitioner simply needs to put his or her hands on - or over - the chakra that needs attention and Reiki energy will soon bring it back into balance.

Reiki is a balancing energy, so the healer doesn't even need to know what is wrong with the chakra. The Reiki energy will simply flow automatically to recharge and heal whatever needs fixing.

Typically, a single Reiki healing session is all that is needed to heal any chakra.

For general chakra maintenance, the best idea is to learn Reiki - something that can be done in a single weekend. After that, regular Reiki practice should keep all of your chakras in tip-top shape.

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