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Jeremy O'Carroll

Your Weekly Meditation Sanctuary

Our weekly online meditation classes are for anyone who wants to feel calmer, brighter, clearer, and more joyful as they go about their daily life.

They are for anyone who realizes that to give fully to others, to be the best version of 'you', you need to give first to yourself.

Unfortunately, so many people give to everyone but themselves, and as a result, they end up tired, frustrated and dissatisfied with life.

Jeremy's weekly meditation classes seek to redress this imbalance by giving you a place to go to nurture yourself each week, a place where you systematically learn to go deeper within the part of you that can't be touched by whatever is going on in your external life.

It is a place of calm. An inner sanctuary. A place you can go when you need to energize, heal and expand the joy in your life.

Jeremy's classes are the fruit of over 25 years of daily meditation practice, and the many lessons he has learned studying from meditation masters in India, Thailand, Nepal and Australia. They are the culmination of years of deep personal practice, introspection and his experience teaching meditation over the last 10+ years.

He is the creator of two meditation courses (CBM Meditation and Foundations in Meditation) along with the Thinking Meditation Technique, and is the author of the Amazon best-selling book 'The Perfect Reiki Course – Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Course' and 'Full Speed', an inspirational novel about living an authentic life.

His meditation classes will be held on Thursday evenings from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm via Zoom, with the first 'season' of 5 classes beginning on Oct. 15 and running through until Nov. 12.

Online Weekly Weditation Classes 2020

Meditation classes - 'Season 1'
Oct. 15 - Nov. 12 (5 classes inc. Video Portal)
(Investment: $50)
Melbourne Reiki Course Level 2 July 13-14
Meditation classes
Oct. 15 Class
(Investment: $15)
Melbourne Reiki Course Level 2 July 13-14

Why Online Meditation Courses Work

Meditation classes are perfectly suited to an online format. In fact, for many people, they can work even better than normal, since you won't get distracted by other students (or by your mind comparing yourself to them!).

If you are highly sensitive to energy, you will also be able to learn without the energy of other students affecting you. Naturally, you will ultimately want to be able meditate anywhere with anyone (and our classes end up teaching this), but at first it can be easier to practise in the comfort of your own safe place.

So if you are concerned that the online format won't be as powerful, you need not worry. So long as you can meditate without getting disturbed (No housemates walking in on you during them, etc.!), you'll get on beautifully.

Zoom Meditation Course Are Easy on the Eyes

While normal Zoom classes may be tough (lots of screen time, etc.), a meditation class is different. Sure, we will spend time discussing ideas and learning the mechanics of new techniques, but the rest of the time we will be meditating – and that means we won’t be staring at the screen. So even if you have had problems concentrating or focusing with online learning in the past, this will be different.

The CBM Meditation Method – Integrating Meditation into Your Everyday Life

Meditate on RockThe online class teaches Jeremy's unique CBM Meditation Method. First conceived roughly a decade ago, it helps meditators to better integrate meditation into their daily lives.

While there are a number of wonderful meditation techniques in the world, what students achieve with them tends to be frustratingly inconsistent.

The CBM Method is a tightly structured meditation system that consistently gets specific results that individual meditators can attest to – results that make a profound impact on their daily lives.

In developing the CBM Meditation Method, Jeremy wanted to create a system that impacted students' lives well beyond the time they spent sitting on their 'meditation mat' or 'stool'.

He didn't want meditation to be like 'church on Sundays', which for many people is the only time they think about 'God'. He wanted meditation to permeate one's entire day, infusing it with invigorating chi and 'Spirit'.

The CBM Meditation Method is built around three pillars:

  1. Our energetic 'Core' (Chakras and Sushumna)
  2. Our 'Body' (Energy body / aura) and
  3. Our 'Mind' (Self-Awareness).

Our Energy Core

Meditation Forest in TaiwanThe chakras are the key energy centres of our body.

They are like small, glowing suns that enable the body to draw in healing energy from the universe and release energy that is, for whatever reason, not wanted or needed.

Tapped into, they feel like power stations that radiate out healing energy. The more you connect to them, the further out their energy flows.

The Sushumna is a central energy column that flows from the base chakra up to the crown chakra. It is like our energetic spine and is relatively easy to connect to.

Creating an energetic flow through the Sushumna is both blissful and healing. It is also a way to help anchor our awareness during meditation.

Students can connect to different parts of the Sushumna before they have connected to their chakras but, once the chakras have been 'activated', getting an energetic flow from the base of the spine (or perineum) up to the crown is readily achieved.

Our Energy Body

Our energy body is the (spiritual) counterpart to our physical body. It permeates both our physical body and aura on an energetic plane. With practice, students can connect to their energy body. This is energizing, blissful, healing and deeply meditative.

Our Mind

Our mind is made up of two principal components:

  1. The thoughts that buzz around in our head.
  2. An awareness that sits behind these thoughts and observes them.

In the Chi Masterclass this 'awareness' is called 'Self-awareness' or 'Spirit'. It is the part of us that is connected to God, the Universe, Allah (fill in your favorite synonym).

Part of what the Chi Masterclass teaches is to stay connected to 'Spirit' even as we go about our daily – and, at times, very worldly – lives.

CBM Meditation Method Video Info Series

(Click here to sign up for your CBM Info Series)

Specific Meditation You Will Practice at the Course

While our meditation classes teach much of the material covered in the weekend CBM Meditation course, due to the more relaxed weekly nature of classes, we can take our time to go deeper into the techniques. We will also do many meditations that are not taught in the course, so even if you have taken our weekend course, you will appreciate the chance to take everything you learned to a deeper level. If you are just starting out with CBM, then it is a way to learn skills that will make a positive impact on your everyday life.

Some of the meditation you will learn in our classes (note: they will not all be covered in the 1st 'seaseon' of lessons in 2020):

Remember, these classes are about more than the techniques. They aim, as much as anything, to give you a way to re-center, heal and re-energize on a weekly level. So although you'll learn plenty of new skills, we will also be doing meditations to keep you feeling energized and joyful.

Often meditators can fall into the trap of wanting to learn more and more, but without ever taking the time to truly go deeply into their practices. These classes are our chance to go deep, to enjoy meditation per se, without needing to get to some future, 'better' point in life. They are a chance to learn that we are fine just as we are. A chance to learn that what we truly want can be found within.

CBM Meditation Class Portal

Students who enrol for a full season of classes (as opposed to single meditation classes), will receive access to our class video portal that will include meditations and information to aid you in your weekly meditation practice and give you material to work with between classes.

Meditation Course Instructor

Jeremy O'Carroll, founder of the Om Reiki Centre, has been practising meditation daily for the past 25 years.

He has studied meditation in India, Thailand, Nepal and Australia and, through personal experience, practice and introspection, developed many techniques that help students gain deep insight into their true nature.

He is the is the creator of two meditation courses (CBM Meditation and Foundations in Meditation) along with the Thinking Meditation Technique, and is the author of the Amazon best-selling book 'The Perfect Reiki Course – Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Course' and 'Full Speed', an inspirational novel about living an authentic life.

October 15 - Dec. 3. Online CBM Meditation Classes 'Season 1'

Season 1: Oct. 15 - Nov. 12 (2020)

Venue: Online - Zoom
Schedule: Thursday night 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm weekly classes
Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Meditation classes come with a 100% no-strings-attached satisfaction guarantee.

We are so confident you will be delighted by what you learn that we will refund your investment should you be dissatisfied.

Simply tell us immediately after your first class that you are unhappy for a full refund.

(*Click here for cancellation / change of date policy)

Investment: $50 Melbourne Reiki Course Level 2 July 13-14
2 Monthly Instalments
(2 X 25)
Melbourne Reiki Level 2 Course, 2 instalment option
Note: Please contact us if you would prefer to pay by electronic transfer rather than with credit card or if you wish to attend our course but have difficulty making the investment.

Meditation Class Refund Policy

Although we offer a full-refund satisfaction guarantee for those who attend our meditation class, we do not offer a refund if you change your mind about our class without attending it. If you give us a weeks' notice, however, we will be happy to give you credit for another class.

Meditation is an amazing tool. It is a gift. It is up to us to prioritize it in a busy life and make time for it, even when other things come up.

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Next course Level 2 course, Oct. 17-18 (online) + Dec. 13 (in person).

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The Perfect Reiki Course Book

The Perfect Reiki Course BookJeremy O'Carroll's latest book, 'The Perfect Reiki Course – Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Class' answers all your pre-course Reiki questions, like what you should learn in a course, who can benefit from a course, how Reiki works, and much more.

It even tells you how to select and then prepare for a Reiki course once you have chosen it.

The fruit of Jeremy's 12+ years of teaching Reiki full-time, you can consider it your pre-course Reiki Bible.

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Free Reiki Video Portal

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Level 1 & 2 Pellowah Course

Pellowah operates at an extremely high energetic vibration and is the perfect addition to Reiki.

Working on the level of mind and spirit, Pellowah relaxes the body and helps restore optimum health.

Upcoming Courses: Oct. 3-4 (online) + Dec. 12 (in person) Melbourne Course.

Nov. 14-15 in person or online as needed. If online, we will have an extra in-person day on Nov. 29

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Reiki Master Level Course

Take the next step, learn powerful new skills, and get the qualification needed to teach Reiki.

Next Reiki Master Level course, Oct. 31-Nov.2 (2020).

2020 Calendar

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Chi Masterclass

Learn to connect to your body's key energy centres.

Discover how to tap in to your energy field.

Delight in a simple method that lets you flow with your thoughts rather than fight them.

Learn more about our Oct. 24-25 online meditation course by clicking here.

Why Take a Reiki Course?

Reiki courses are a great to improve your health, heal hurts from the past, and connect you to your true Self.

After taking our Reiki course, many people:

Reiki and nature

A wonderful thing about Reiki is that you don't need to practice for years to become aware of it.

Indeed, many practitioners feel it right after being 'attuned' (a practice in which a Reiki master helps a student to connect to Reiki energy).

Naturally, your connection to Reiki does improve with practice; but its presence and many benefits will most likely appear pretty well right away.

Live in Melbourne?

Why not escape the city for a weekend of Reiki healing?

Find out more about why our Reiki healing sessions are worth the trip from Melbourne.

Reiki healing energy in nature

Course Guarantee

If you don't feel you got a lot out our Reiki course, simply do two things:

  1. Tell us on the course's final day of your doubts;
  2. Finish the accompanying e-programme.

If you still don't think the course was worth the investment, we will happily refund your entire course fee.

"Was worried I wouldn't feel the energy or be able to treat others. That I would be too different to others attending and feel self-conscious. All fears put to rest!
       "It was exciting, relaxing and mind-opening. It puts you in touch with different aspects of yourself. It's extremely calming...Joyful experience to meet others and give them Reiki."
                                (Lara Williamson)

"The course felt more 'complete' than expected. I feel very enriched and empowered. I really felt a connection with others in the group. The course makes you more aware of your spirituality and the possibilities available. Make you realise how much control you have over your thoughts and feelings."
                             (Lisa-Marie Pavlicic)

"Wanted to learn how to do Reiki and now I have learnt the tools and can confidently go away and practice it on myself and others. It was fantastic and you feel great and more confident within yourself."
                               (Cathy de Boni)

"would recommend Om Reiki to others. Because of the quiet and serene environment, the structure created by Jeremy that was so gracefully implemented by Louise's calming beautiful nature, it was a weekend and attunement I will always remember."
                             (Steve Neville)

"It opens people up to something bigger than them and gives them connection to a deeper part of themselves. Quite, quite beautiful. Jeremy is a gorgeous character!"
                              (Antje Janssen)

"Exceeded my expectations. Reiki is such an effective self-help tool and the workshop was a very safe and comfortable place to be. Jeremy, you are a very easy person to be around which made learning that much more enjoyable."
                             (Helen Argyrou)

"Didn't know what to expect. In a way it has left me with a sense of 'wonder' & some type of deep respect for Reiki & what possibilities could come from learning and practicing techniques. Everyone would benefit."
                              (Lesley Harris)

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Full Speed Novel

Full SpeedWhat happens when you stop living other people's dreams?

This is the central question to Jeremy O'Carroll's novel, Full Speed - a story about love, creativity and having the courage to live your passions.

Full Speed is fast-paced, funny, irreverent and filled with wisdom. It will also inspire anyone who is looking to live their dreams when without the support of their friends, family or society.

Order your 1st edition, hardback copy of Full Speed.

$34.95 (inc. postage).
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