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Reiki False Beliefs Exposed for All

Autobiography of a Yogi

This is not a book to get if you're an experienced Reiki practitioner; but if you're new to Reiki, have heard a lot of confusing ideas, and aren't sure what to make of them - or how to reconcile them - then this the book for you.

The book clarifies a lot of the Reiki nonsense that is out in the world today. And it proves controversial.

But if you're a self-taught healer, Reiki renegade or rebel, then you should enjoy it.

Some issues discussed include:

  • Only natural born healers can learn Reiki
  • Pregnant women should not receive Reiki
  • Reiki can heal anything
  • Mrs Takata's history of Reiki
  • $10,000 is the fee to become an authentic Reiki master
  • And lots lots more...

$49.95  (Steve Murray)


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