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Reiki False Beliefs Exposed

A question that often comes up amongst beginner practitioners is whether Reiki can ever harm you?

Now, these practitioners know that for the most part Reiki is loving and gentle; but could it be that there are certain conditions in which it has a darker side? Conditions where using it can get you into trouble?

For instance, what about giving Reiki to pregnant women? Is that Okay?

Or giving Reiki to people with a pacemaker?

Or giving Reiki to someone’s crown chakra?

Or giving Reiki to someone who has just lost a finger?

And what about other situations like where someone is wearing a lot of jewellery? Is that going to get in the way? Can that, somehow, have a negative impact on the session?

In this article, I’m going to run through these basic situations to help clear up a few misconceptions and put your mind at ease when working with Reiki.

Common Reiki Fears

Here is a list of some of the most common Reiki fears. Alongside each one you’ll find my view on them. I’ve based this on my personal experience and research. Always use your intuition to guide you, however – no matter what I say. And for medical conditions, always consult your doctor.

(Note: The usual medical disclaimer is in place here: I – Jeremy O’Carroll – am not a medical practitioner and accept no liability for anything that happens as a result of following my ideas. Every Reiki practitioner is responsible for his or her actions.)

Don’t Reiki the spine / don’t wear red while giving anybody Reiki . These ideas sound a little loopy, but there is nevertheless a degree of misplaced sense to them. The reason for such fears is that – under certain conditions – Kundalini energy might accidentally be activated. Kundalini energy – a potent energy that resides at the base of the spine – can then rush up through the chakras of the body and, if they are not prepared for it, cause damage.

The reason why wearing red is seen to be dangerous to some practitioners is that red is the color of the root chakra. Wearing red – according to them – may cause this chakra to become overstimulated and thus trigger the Kundalini energy.

These theories fail to consider two key points, however: 1) It is the recipient who determines how much energy flows into their body (in other words, they will never take in more Reiki energy than is good for them) and 2) Reiki – according to all practitioners, even those with these fears – is universally recognized not to be able to harm anyone.

But if this is true, it won’t set off the Kundalini energy unless a person is ready for it (in which case it will be highly beneficial).

Do not Reiki the crown of the head. The fear of touching the crown of someone’s head is common in many Asian countries (the scene in Gran Torino where the Clint Eastwood character touches a neighbouring kid’s head is a good example of this).

The idea is that this is a sensitive energetic spot that can easily be damaged (or abused) – something that may be true. Since Reiki only works for someone’s good, however, and since you can never overdose on Reiki, then so long as a person is using Reiki (and not doing something else), there will never be any problems.

Personally, I believe it to be highly beneficial to give Reiki to someone’s crown chakra as this will often increase their connection to their Higher Self and enable them to better receive ‘universal energy’ (Reiki etc.).

Do not Reiki a pregnant woman. This would only ever be a problem if Reiki could cause harm. Since there has never been any evidence of this, and since no one actually believes this, then giving Reiki to a pregnant woman is simply doing a double dose of good.

My experience is that foetuses love to receive Reiki. I’ve even had them wriggle about inside the womb so they can be closer to the part of mum’s body that I’m giving Reiki to.

I believe giving Reiki to a pregnant woman is highly beneficial to both her and the foetus. If you want a healthy mum and bub and if you know how to do Reiki, I’d recommend giving it to mum as often as you can.

Don’t give Reiki to someone with a pacemaker. The idea here is that the Reiki energy might somehow interfere with the correct functioning of the device. I have personally never heard of any issues with Reiki and pacemakers, however, and feel that this is simply an ‘old wives’ tale’. In fact, I’ve never even heard of Reiki damaging any sort of electric equipment, whatsoever.

Before you give Reiki to someone with a pacemaker, however, you may wish to do further research into the matter as well as make sure your intuition is happy about the idea. Remember that you will be shouldering all the risk (you remember my disclaimer, don’t you?), so take all medical precautions where necessary.

Do not Reiki the stump of someone who has just lost a finger. If I lose a finger I am going to Reiki the bleeding stump. That said, I have heard of an instance where someone did this and then found that the finger was much harder to reattach to the hand because the skin had already started to grow back over the wound.

The recommended course of action in such a situation (where a finger or other such thing needs to be reattached) is to give Reiki to a person’s body (heart chakra, for instance), rather than directly on the wound. Again, however, you’ll need to do your research and make the call.

Don’t wear jewellery and give Reiki (or wear jewellery [especially gemstones etc.) when you receive Reiki). The idea here is that the jewellery will get in the way of the Reiki energy by absorbing or influencing it.

This may be true to some extent; but since the Reiki energy has a form of ‘intelligence’ – i.e. it knows where it needs to go without your conscious input – then I can’t see what the issue is. If some of the flow of Reiki energy goes to the stone or precious metal etc., then presumably the Reiki energy has determined that this will be for the overall benefit of the person receiving the Reiki.

That said, I don’t wear jewellery myself and do – admittedly rarely – sometimes ask a client to take off his or her jewellery if I feel that it has a negative energy that will interfere with the session (generally because it is a stone that hasn’t been cleansed).

Ultimately, I recommend that you go in with the attitude that jewellery won’t make any significant difference, but keep open to intuitive guidance for the particular circumstance you are confronted with. And if you wear jewellery, remember to energetically cleanse it on a regular basis (you can do so by running water over it or placing it out in the sun or moonlight [not all methods are good for all stones and metals, however, so do your research]).

Likewise, you can Reiki your jewellery with the intent of cleansing it. This is a safe method that will never cause any negative effects.

I hope this clears up a few of the fears that are often associated with Reiki. Remember that since Reiki can best be translated as ‘spiritual energy’, it is highly unlikely to do anyone any harm. As always, however, let your intuition be your ultimate guide.

Be well,


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