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What is the Meaning of Reiki?

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese kanji (characters) ‘rei’ Rei and ‘ki’ ki.

‘Rei’ is best translated as ‘spirit’ and ‘ki’ as ‘energy’.

Together, they would literally mean something like ‘spiritual energy’.

The meaning of Reiki, however, is better understood less literally as a hands-on (or hands-off) healing and relaxation method that uses 'universal energy' (or ki/chi) to both correct energetic imbalances in the body and recharge energetically depleted areas.

Reiki can also provide a path for inner growth. It can help practitioners connect more to their Higher Self, find clarity and, one day, possibly, even enlightenment.

Working with Reiki energy is similar to meditating and can help the practitioner experience a very deep level of the Self.

Although Reiki is a hands-on healing and relaxation method, it is never invasive. Unlike massage, patients (clients) remain fully clothed and only very light touch is applied.

If desired, Reiki energy can also be transferred to a client without touch. In such cases, the hands of the Reiki practitioner are usually placed a few inches about the client's body.

Healing without touch is equally effective as that done with touch. In both cases, private areas are always respected.

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Tel: 0417 328 457

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